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Idari Crucible Works

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 71
The Kasathan Golden Fleet
Manufacturing Centers: Idari
Specialties: Kasathan starships
Famous Models: Millennia, Vanserai, Voidrunner

Kasathan culture prioritizes stability and community over all else. Its traditions rely on the wisdom of the past to plot a course for the future. When the people of the Idari arrived in the Pact Worlds, they discovered a society technologically superior in many fields and struggled to adapt to Pact Worlds capitalism while preserving their traditional values. To integrate into Pact Worlds economies while providing a means to support the people of the Idari, the Doyenate converted the Crucible into a corporation. The corporation’s profits are held in trust and managed for the good of the Idari and the people who live there. They named this corporation Idari Crucible Works.

Originally, the Crucible was not intended as a profitable enterprise. Its purpose was to manufacture and maintain kasathan ships during the Idari’s long voyage across the vast space of the galaxy, and it was run by the Doyenate for the good of the kasathan people. As kasathas integrated into Pact Worlds society, they leveraged the efficient and high-quality manufacturing capabilities of the Crucible into an immense profit engine for the Idari.

Despite being outmatched by the combined technologies of the Pact Worlds, the Idari’s advancements in energy-to-matter conversion, energy efficiency, and modular ship designs far surpassed anything the Pact Worlds had developed. Kasathas had developed technology to convert pure energy into a crystal-like matter, which they could further form into nearly any other basic material, alloy, or complex component. Many of the Pact Worlds’ innovations in energy-to-matter conversion are founded on this technology. However, the technology found within the Crucible is far superior to that available elsewhere and is still a highly guarded and profitable secret.

To insulate Idari Crucible Works from external corruption and nontraditional influences, the Doyenate formed many smaller corporations through which clients and corporate partners interact. These subsidiary firms also serve as a buffer between off-worlders and the Idari’s social traditions, which can be a source of consternation for non-kasathas. While most corporations stress competition with others, Idari Crucible Works instead stresses mutual assistance and cooperation. The Doyenate is forever playing the long game, forsaking lucrative short-term opportunities that would jeopardize long-term gain and stability. Of the non-kasathan employees within Idari Crucible Works, the vast majority are androids.

Manufacturer Perk: The unique golden coating on Crucible vessels, called esaris, protects the crew from radiation. If the ship is hit by an effect with the irradiate special property, treat the irradiate as one level weaker; irradiate (high) becomes irradiate (medium), irradiate (medium) becomes irradiate (low), and irradiate (low) has no effect.