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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 75
Winners At Any Cost
Manufacturing Centers: Verces (Skyhook)
Specialties: Racers, high-performance personal transports
Famous Models: Slingshot, Sprint, Star Drake

Terminator is a newcomer to the Verces shipbuilding scene. The company was founded only about 40 years ago by Jacen Wither, an augmented Vercite sent away by her parents to be educated at an elite Castrovel academy; after graduation, she vanished for a decade, and it is widely believed she traveled the galaxy under a pseudonym, perhaps even spending time as a pirate among the Free Captains. Regardless, once she emerged, she had enough wealth to found her own company—purportedly bearing her crime syndicate nickname—and wielded total control over it until recently, when she began to groom her children and grandchildren to inherit the business. Terminator arose with the explicit purpose of blazing a new trail for Vercite ship construction, away from the aethership aesthetic that has dominated the field since Vercites first took to space. Wither has succeeded in this goal, building a vibrant, successful, and highly competitive firm that makes some of the most popular starships in the Pact Worlds.

In particular, Terminator has become a household name after the success of its Star Drake, which has won every Absalom Run for the last decade and shattered the dominance of Redshift Revolution, whose starships had consistently won the race for generations. Redshift manages to compete with Terminator, but Redshift’s old-fashioned style hasn’t been able to keep up with Wither’s cutthroat tactics and business savvy.

Terminator does more than just sell racers to elite teams and thrill-seeking dilettantes, though. It provides fighters, warships, and fast cargo haulers to clients throughout the Pact Worlds and Near Space. When conflict breaks out in Near Space—such as the recent hostilities between the Gideron Authority and the Marixah Republic—Terminator sells to both sides. Its single most important contract, however, is with the Stewards, and both parties take pains to keep that arrangement secret.

Jacen Wither is nearing retirement, and rumors suggest her cybernetic parts have finally started to break down. Tension among her offspring ensures that any transfer of leadership will be ugly and brutal. None of her children are likely to improve the ethical stance of the company, which is focused on making money and crushing the competition, though some family members are more subtle about their vicious predilections than others. Some of Terminator’s clients have quietly begun looking elsewhere, anticipating the company’s meltdown upon Jacen’s death. If the Stewards should decide not to renew their contract, that might be the spark that sets Terminator’s family squabbles aflame.

Manufacturer Perk: Terminator Drift engines are very efficient. Reduce the Minimum PCU for each to the following values: Signal Basic to 50, Signal Booster to 70, Signal Major to 100, Signal Superior to 150, and Signal Ultra to 175.