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Blackwind Engineering

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 68
Macabre Military Might
Manufacturing Centers: Eox (Orphys, Zinhew)
Specialties: Archetypal Eoxian military vessels
Famous Models: Annihilator, Catacomb, Megalith, Sepulcher

When Pact Worlds citizens think about Eoxian starships, Blackwind Engineering dominates the imagination both visually and historically. The company made its mark on post-Gap records by supplying Eox’s most notorious and feared starships during the Magefire Assault, and its reputation has only grown over time.

Blackwind was founded sometime during the Gap. Like its fellow Eoxian manufacturers, Death’s Head and Thaumtech, Blackwind lost an enormous amount of corporate data during that period. This erasure devastated the company for years, and it wasn’t until the Magefire Assault in 7 ag that Blackwind made a comeback, debuting its now-infamous troop carriers and dreadnoughts.

The Veskarium truly learned to fear Blackwind ships at the Battle of Aledra. Catacomb dropships played a pivotal role, and Megalith dreadnoughts proved a worthy match for the mightiest Veskarium vessels. As a result of this victory, Blackwind rehabilitated its image in the eyes of Pact Worlds citizens, and the company saw a jump in profits as everyone in the system worked together against a common foe. Today, Blackwind ships are an accepted—and even admired—part of Pact Worlds history, with their red dome “eyes” and skeletal hulls featuring in the artistic depictions of many historic battles, and older models commonly appearing in museums. The Graven Repose, for example, rests at the Museum of Aerospace Heritage in Zo and is a popular tourist attraction.

Ships with bone-spur silhouettes have since become synonymous with Eoxian naval might. Blackwind ships are built for war and rarely accommodate living crews. Decommissioned military vessels have increased in popularity on the civilian market since the truce that ended the Silent War. The lack of traditional life support on these starship makes for spacious interiors, and they’re popular with enthusiasts due to their fearsome appearance. Buyers seek out the novelty of owning a “real” Eoxian warship, and many pay extra if the ship had a prestigious tour of duty.

Tesheda Nyral (LE female damaya lashunta vampire) is one of the few Eoxian CEOs who is not an elebrian. For all her deadly cunning, Nyral has no memory of her early life, how she emerged from the Gap as CEO, or what her prior goals had been. Yet few can deny Nyral’s subsequent success, though the recent peace has brought a slump to Blackwind’s sales. Reports say Nyral has been displeased by this, and there’s been a recent sharp increase in Blackwind ships acquired by the Corpse Fleet; rumor has it she’s selling to the exiles.

Manufacturer Perk: Blackwind ships are notoriously hostile towards living foes, and the company leans into this specialization. Reduce the BP cost to install anti-personnel weapons by 1, so long as the weapons used have the anti-biological trait