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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
A highly radioactive metal with a bluish-green glow, abysium provides exceptional conductivity and can store electric charges far more efficiently than more mundane metals such as copper.

Power Core

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
BP Cost +2 BP
A properly functioning abysium reactor produces far less waste than reactors that use other radioactive materials and doesn’t require extreme pressure to sustain nuclear reactions, but it’s hazardous when ruptured. An abysium power core increases the PCU it provides by 25% (maximum +50 PCU). However, if the power core takes critical damage, the starship’s occupants are subjected to radiation for 1 round of starship combat. This radiation is low if the power core gains the glitching condition, medium if it gains the malfunctioning condition, and high if it gains the wrecked condition.

Weapon Mount

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 22
BP Cost Special
Abysium is naturally radioactive. An abysium weapon mount grants any weapon installed onto it the irradiate special property, with a light weapon mount creating low radiation, a heavy mount creating moderate radiation, and a capital or spinal mount creating heavy radiation. If the weapon already has the irradiate special property, add 1 round to the duration of any radiation applied to struck starships. Mounting a light, heavy, capital, or spinal weapon with abysium increases its cost by 2 BP, 6 BP, 10 BP, or 10 BP, respectively.