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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 77
Battle-ready Behemoths
Manufacturing Centers: Vesk Prime, Vesk-3
Specialties: Spartan, imposing gunships
Famous Models: Enforcer, Punisher, Tyrant

While Blood Mountain Clans emerged from the Gap as the Veskarium’s eminent and oldest surviving starship manufacturer, Vindicas arose only a few years later through a merger between several minor shipyards with military ties. The timing couldn’t have been better—emissaries from Absalom Station’s system arrived shortly afterward in sophisticated starships, sharing the gift of Drift technology and inspiring Veskarium leaders to crave this new system’s subjugation. Yet the vesk-operated starships that had conquered and controlled the Veskarium were insufficient to overwhelm this unfamiliar enemy, and the high despots demanded new starships capable of bringing it into submission. Blood Mountain Clans struggled to adapt to these orders, but the agile Vindicas quickly delivered blueprints for dreadnoughts large enough to blot out a sun. By the Battle of Aledra in 36 ag, Vindicas had grown more than a hundred-fold, secured countless military contracts, and supplied the largest warships created to date.

Since then, Vindicas has specialized in building even larger and more imposing starships, designed to end most conflicts through intimidation before they even begin. These ships’ unmatched firepower is in contrast to their amenities, which are infamously spartan—a point that Vindicas representatives laud as a feature rather than a flaw, noting that sparse living quarters encourage discipline and vigilance in the crew. Even the company’s leadership structure extols traditional vesk toughness, forcibly retiring any physically unfit executive on the premise that “any leader unfit to lead an assault is unfit to lead the company.” Unsubstantiated rumors even suggest that managerial promotions involve ritual combat.

Thanks to the Veskarium’s nearly endless state of war, Vindicas continued to grow through the end of the third century ag. However, Emperor Dmarangor I’s abdication in 296 ag at the end of the Swarm War commenced a decades-long era of uncomfortable peace. As Vindicas’s hawkish lobbyists urge the high despots to declare a new war and its complacent executives wait out this lull, the company’s sales have steadily declined. Yet its leaders are aging, and many of the eligible replacements believe in diversifying the Vindicas brand—not only with a greater focus on research and development, but also with civilian transports, cargo vessels, advanced surveillance starships, and more. But other candidates are fiercely imperialist and dedicated to the Veskarium war machine. Given the right opportunity, such Vindicas operatives might trigger a new galactic war to restore not only their company’s factories to full production, but also their corporation’s honor on the field of battle.

Manufacturer Perk: Vindicas ships are infamous for fielding huge quantities of weapons. The second starship weapon mounted in each non-turret arc on a Vindicas starship requires 5 fewer PCU than normal.