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Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 74
Commercial Spaceframe Manufacturer
Manufacturing Centers: Akiton, Sun (Lucent Shipyards), Triaxus
Specialties: Commercial spaceframes and cargo vessels
Famous Models: Redsun, Vagabond

Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems emerged from the Gap already a leader in Akiton’s aerospace industry. The company was a major manufacturer of sublight spaceship engines fueled with thasteron, the primary fuel used by most space vessels in the Golarion system before the advent of Drift travel. The thasteron boom made Sanjaval a household name on Akiton (and made the company billions of credits), but when Drift technology appeared only a few years later, the subsequent bust devastated the industry. Sanjaval managed to weather the thasteron crash by diversifying its products and investments—particularly by designing and manufacturing its own spaceframes that could be used for either sublight vessels or the new Drift-capable ships— and by signing an exclusive contract with the church of Iomedae to build starships for its nascent navy.

Today, Sanjaval is one of only a few companies with a substantial division for manufacturing thasteron-fueled sublight thrusters (it also controls a handful of Akiton’s surviving and viable thasteron mines), but it remains a powerful and influential corporation in the Pact Worlds. Sanjaval’s primary business is the production of starship spaceframes for commercial use— especially explorers, transports, and freighters of various sizes— and countless merchant ships, free traders, and cargo haulers in the Pact Worlds are built on Sanjaval frames. In addition, Sanjaval produces its own line of popular cargo ships like the Redsun and the Vagabond.

Diversification was the key to Sanjaval’s survival after the thasteron crash, and it remains a major part of its corporate strategy. Sanjaval’s original contract with the Iomedaean navy has evolved into a profitable partnership, and the company continues to build Iomedaean ships through a dedicated subsidiary called Inheritorworks (page 67). From its corporate headquarters in Akiton’s Hivemarket, Sanjaval also manufactures and sells starship thrusters, guided missiles and torpedoes for starships, and gyrojet firearms, among other products. Akiton is a difficult environment in which to do business due to its harsh weather and lawless nature, so Sanjaval relies mostly on indigenous ysoki, hykli, and ikeshti accustomed to these conditions.

Although the company does not make its own line of Drift engines, its research and development division at Lucent Shipyards in the Burning Archipelago is engaged in cutting-edge experiments in interplanar travel. Sanjaval recently began sponsoring colonization efforts in the Vast, and it is currently developing a new transport/freighter tentatively called the Sanjaval Galaxy Nomad to replace the aging Vagabond model.

Manufacturer Perk: Sanjaval manufactures a wide variety of interchangeable service modules that can be easily swapped out as needed. Refitting a starship with a modular Sanjaval expansion bay takes half the usual time (minimum 1 day).