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Chapter 4: Running Starship Campaigns / Space Hazards / Stellar Phenomenon

Other Effects

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 137
The far reaches of the galaxy contain a plethora of additional phenomena and anomalies that can have a variety of effects on starships.

Nebula: This large and diffuse area of gas is generally not hazardous to starships, but depending on the exact nature of the nebula, it can cause any number of adverse effects. Represent a nebula with 10–20 contiguous hexes. These hexes might conceal a ship, forcing gunners to use unreliable sensor information to target a starship inside the nebula, which gives attacks against ships in the nebula a 20% miss chance. Alternatively, corrosive gases might eat away at the starship (as hull-eating bacteria on page 135). Or electrical storms may have erupted inside the nebula after being exposed to the technology of a starship, giving the nebula an attack each round against any starships inside (as solar flare on page 136).

Temporal Rift: Waves of tachyon particles or damage from powerful gravitational forces can leave temporal scars in the fabric of space-time. These areas have unpredictable effects on time and can leave unlucky crews stranded. Mark an area 5 to 10 hexes long that varies from 1 to 3 hexes wide. When a starship begins a phase inside a temporal rift, time shudders and shifts; roll 1d4 for each crew member when they attempt an action. On a roll of a 1, they lose their action for this round. On a 2 or 3, they act normally. On a 4, they can take 10 on their action.

Wormhole: These anomalies are bridges in space-time, linking two different points in space, two different moments in time, or a combination of the two. When a starship flies through a wormhole, its crew often experiences flying through a tunnel in a luminescent nebula. Mark 2 hexes on the grid that are linked to each other; you can choose either or both locations or determine either or both at random. Whenever a starship enters one of these hexes, it immediately enters the wormhole; remove it from the combat grid. On the next round of starship combat during the helm phase, when it is that starship’s turn to move, it first appears in the linked hex with a random facing.