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Guttertooth Processing Company

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 66
Founded by half-orcs disillusioned with working for the drow corporations of Apostae, Guttertooth Processing Company is a collective founded to negotiate fair deals and protect its employees from drow exploitation and retaliation. Guttertooth operations are hidden in the caverns of Apostae and remain a constant thorn in the side of the drow, as the half-orcs slip through every security precaution the elves create.

Guttertooth builds specialized ships and trains crews to terraform inhospitable planets. Its vessels often appear crude, with barely forged exteriors and clunky profiles. However, these designs are purposeful, concealing sophisticated machinery and convincing would-be aggressors to attack more promising prey. In addition to ship-building, Guttertooth is also quietly amassing a vast storehouse of weapons available for the next species they encounter who needs help breaking free from oppression.