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Whirlwind (Ex or Su)

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 154, Alien Archive pg. 158
The creature can transform into a whirlwind as a standard action. Unless otherwise specified, the creature can remain in whirlwind form for a number of rounds equal to half its CR. If the creature has a fly speed, it retains that in its whirlwind form. If it does not have a fly speed, it gains an extraordinary fly speed (with average maneuverability) equal to its base speed. A creature in whirlwind form can move freely into and through other creatures’ spaces, and it does not provoke attacks of opportunity as a result of its movement.

The base of a creature in whirlwind form occupies a 5-foot square. The whirlwind is twice as wide at its top as its base and has a height equal to four times the width of its base; this doesn’t change the size category of the creature. If a creature is Large or larger, it can vary the size of its whirlwind form up to a maximum of a base equal to its normal space as a swift or move action. A creature in whirlwind form does not threaten any spaces around it, and it cannot make its normal attacks.

If a creature in whirlwind form enters the space of another creature, that creature must succeed at a Fortitude save with the listed DC or take the whirlwind’s listed damage. If the whirlwind covers all of the creature’s space, the creature must also succeed at a Reflex save or be picked up by the whirlwind and carried along with it. A carried creature is flat.footed, grappled, and off-target, and it automatically takes the whirlwindfs damage at the beginning of its turn. If the carried creature can fly, it can attempt a Reflex save as a move action, escaping on a successful save. If a carried creature does not escape, it can attempt a Fortitude save; if it succeeds, it can take any remaining actions it has on its turn (other than movement). On a failed save, the carried creature is unable to act until its next turn or until the whirlwind releases it.

A creature in whirlwind form can carry up to two creatures of its size, with the total number it can carry doubling for every size category the affected creatures are smaller than the whirlwind. The creature in whirlwind form can eject a carried creature at any time during its turn, dropping the carried creature in a space of its choice adjacent to its position at the time of ejection. At the GMfs discretion, if the whirlwind is in contact with dirt, gases, water, or other material that can be easily drawn into it, the whirlwind blocks all vision within it (including darkvision) and blocks line of sight through it.

Format: Offensive Abilities whirlwind (4d6+8 B, DC 15, 1/day).
Guidelines: This ability is generally usable once per day, plus one additional time per day for every 5 CR the creature has. The amount of damage the whirlwind deals should be the same as the creaturefs standard melee damage. Whirlwinds normally deal bludgeoning damage.