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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Gammenore8magical beast (cold)any cold (Triaxus)
Garaggakal5outsider (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Garaggakal, Garaggakal Polymath14outsider (extraplanar)any (the Drift)
Gathol3humanoid (gathol)any
Genesis Wraith17undead (incorporeal)any vacuum
Genie, Djinni5outsider (air, extraplanar)any (Plane of Air)
Genie, Efreeti8outsider (extraplanar, fire)any (Plane of Fire)
Genie, Janni4outsider (native)any
Genie, Marid9outsider (aquatic, extraplanar, water)any (Plane of Water)
Genie, Shaitan7outsider (earth, extraplanar)any (Plane of Earth)
Ghibrani3humanoid (ghibrani)any (Elytrio)
Ghigorda18magical beastany (Daimalko)
Ghoran, Ghoran Flora-Shaper6plantany
Ghoran, Ghoran World-Tamer1plantany
Ghost7undead (incorporeal)any
Ghoul, Ghoul Shock Trooper11undeadany
Ghul5undead (shapechanger)any
Giant Jelly5animal (aquatic)any water (Entha)
Giant, Eclipse19humanoid (giant)any
Giant, Moon Giant15humanoid (giant)any lunar
Giant, Shadow13humanoid (extraplanar, giant)any (Shadow Plane)
Glacial Borer6animalany cold (Verces)
Glaiad6feyspace (planetary rings)
Glass Serpent5magical beastany (Eox)
Glitch Dog4magical beastany
Gloomwing4outsider (extraplanar)any land or sky (Shadow Plane)
Goblin (Space), Space Goblin Honchohead2humanoid (goblinoid)any
Goblin (Space), Space Goblin Zaperator1/3humanoid (goblinoid)any
Golem, Abysium Golem12construct (magical, technological)any
Golem, Cybernetic Golem8construct (magical, technological)any
Golem, Junk4construct (magical, technological)any
Golem, Nanotech Golem14construct (magical, technological)any
Golem, Neutronium Golem6construct (magical, technological)any
Gravite7outsider (native)vacuum
Gray4humanoid (gray)any
Gray Bounder4aberration (gray)any
Gray Goo14construct (swarm, technological)any
Gray Shell13humanoid (gray)any
Gremlin, Computer Glitch Gremlin1/2feyany
Gremlin, Drikluz1/2feyany
Gremlin, Hobkins Gremlin1/2feyany
Gremlin, Hobkins Gremlin Malefactor4feyany
Gremlin, Ship Glitch Gremlin1feyany or vacuum
Gremlin, Vaigruuk2feyany
Grioth, Eclipse Seer6monstrous humanoidany
Grioth1monstrous humanoidany
Guardian Rhino14monstrous humanoid (shapechanger)any ( Jatembe Park)
Guides, Captains Club Guide13magical beast
Guides, Courier7humanoid (ryphorian)
Guides, Personal Concierge3monstrous humanoid
Guides, Stowalong9humanoid (worlanisi)