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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Ignurso, Burrower5magical beastwarm mountains and underground
Ignurso, Mason11magical beastwarm and temperate mountains and underground
Ihonva4monstrous humanoidwarm desert (Verces)
Ijtikri1/2aberrationany (Vesk-2)
Ijtikri, Ijtikri Commando4aberrationany (Vesk-2)
Ikeshti, Ikeshti Brood-Minder2humanoid (ikeshti)any deserts, hills, or mountains (Akiton)
Ikeshti, Ikeshti Rivener5humanoid (ikeshti)any deserts, hills, or mountains (Akiton)
Ilthisarian4monstrous humanoid (ilthisarian)any swamp (Arshalin)
Immolsivix13magical beastany jungle or underground (Kehtaria)
Impostor8outsider (extraplanar)any (Astral Plane)
Inevitable, Anhamut10outsider (inevitable, lawful)any
Infiltration Robot, Exterminator-class7construct (technological)Any
Infiltration Robot, Monitor-class2construct (technological)Any
Infiltrators, Double Agent8humanoid (kobold)
Infiltrators, Hacker5construct (technological)
Infiltrators, Shapeshifter11aberration (shapechanger)
Infiltrators, Spy14aberration
Investigators, Conspiracist1monstrous humanoid
Investigators, Detective7monstrous humanoid
Investigators, Paranormal Investigator10humanoid (hadrogaan)
Investigators, Psychic Seer4magical beast
Irokiroi5animalany sky (Osoro)
Irokiroi, Oshirokiroi12animalany sky (Osoro)
Itmi Vruh5undead (incorporeal)any
Itmi Vruh, Reminiscent10undead (incorporeal)any
Ixtangi, Disruptor7monstrous humanoidany
Ixtangi1monstrous humanoidany
Izalguun, Izalguun Healer8monstrous humanoidany (Izalraan)
Izalguun, Izalguun Hunter4monstrous humanoidany (Izalraan)