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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Valkyrie12outsider (extraplanar)any
Valnarum8magical beastany
Vampire, Jiang-Shi6undeadany
Vampire, Moroi8undeadany
Vampire, Nosferatu12undeadany
Vampire, Voidshard8undeadany
Varculak, Varculak Marauder2undeadany
Varculak, Varculak Noble12undeadany
Varratana1/2humanoid (varratana)Any (Varratien)
Vascrivorei11magical beastany land
Vasporan, Broodling4animalany sky (Old Ustavia)
Vasporan9animalany sky (Old Ustavia)
Velstrac, Anchorite4outsider (evil, extraplanar, velstrac, lawful)any (Shadow Plane)
Velstrac, Cantor9outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, velstrac)any (Shadow Plane)
Velstrac, Heretic8outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, velstrac)any (Shadow Plane)
Velstrac, Prior8outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, velstrac)any (Shadow Plane)
Velstrac, Sexton11outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful, velstrac)any (Plane of Shadow)
Veolisk6magical beastany
Vermin (Space), Asteroid Louse1/2verminany vacuum
Vermin (Space), Comet Wasp Swarm12vermin (swarm)any vacuum
Vermin (Space), Necropede3verminany (Eox)
Vermin (Space), Planetoid Beetle9verminany vacuum
Vermin (Space), Warpmoth Swarm6vermin (swarm)any vacuum
Verthani, Verthani Aether Pilot2humanoid (verthani)any (Verces)
Verthani, Verthani Pure One9humanoid (verthani)any (Verces)
Vesper Hound10outsider (extraplanar)any (Shadow Plane)
Virtual Phantom12construct (incorporeal, magical)any urban
Vlaka, Vlaka Handler6humanoid (vlaka)any (Lajok)
Vlaka, Vlaka Tracker2humanoid (vlaka)any (Lajok)
Void Ooze7oozeany (Shadow Plane)
Void Palm7plantany land
Void Slime5oozeany
Vorclash8outsider (extraplanar)vacuum (the Drift)
Vracinea4planttemperate and warm forests (Castrovel)