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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Nanobot Mimic3construct (swarm, technological)any
Necrosaturated Stag-Bear2magical beastany (Weydana-4)
Necrovite13undeadany (Eox)
Needlehawk3animalwarm and temperate forests
Neotophet10construct (magical, technological)any
Niaq6magical beastany cold (Verces)
Night Hag9outsider (evil, extraplanar)any evil-aligned plane
Nihili5undeadany vacuum
Nihili, Nihili Captain13undeadany vacuum
Nuar, Nuar Enforcer4monstrous humanoidany (Absalom Station)
Nuar, Nuar Specialist8monstrous humanoidany (Absalom Station)
Nullsoul Host13construct (android, magical, technological)any
Nyssholora, Adult Nyssholora11magical beasttemperate or warm plains (Castrovel)
Nyssholora, Juvenile Nyssholora4magical beasttemperate or warm plains (Castrovel)