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Barathu5aberrationany sky (Bretheda)
Barathu, Barathu (Early Stage)2aberrationany sky (Bretheda)
Bear (Uplifted), Uplifted Bear Avenger4magical beastany
Bear (Uplifted), Uplifted Bear Constellate7magical beastany
Bloodbrother7magical beast (cold)any cold (Verces)
Bodysnatcher Slime, Bodysnatcher Autocrat10oozeany land
Bodysnatcher Slime3oozeany land
Bolida, Bolida Miner2verminany underground
Bolida, Bolida Overseer8verminany underground
Bone Trooper3undeadany (Eox)
Bone Trooper, Bone Trooper Captain8undeadany
Bone Trooper, Bone Trooper Technomancer3undeadany
Brenneri, Brenneri Ambassador6humanoid (brenneri)any (Varturan)
Brenneri, Brenneri Sage3humanoid (brenneri)any (Varturan)
Bryrvath15aberration (chaotic, evil)any (Aucturn)
Blinking Telelith10starship magical beastany vacuum or the Drift