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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Haan3monstrous humanoidany sky (Bretheda)
Haan, Haan Combat Pilot7monstrous humanoidany sky (Bretheda)
Hadrogaan, Hyper-analyst3humanoid (hadrogaan)any (moons of Hadrogess)
Hadrogaan, Smart-merc10humanoid (hadrogaan)any (moons of Hadrogess)
Haeshi-Shaa, Haeshi-Shaa (Haeshi Form)12aberrationany
Haeshi-Shaa, Haeshi-Shaa (Shaa Form)16aberrationany
Hag, Void Hag10monstrous humanoidany vacuum
Hanakan, Hanakan Attendant1magical beastany (Ash’Akan)
Hanakan, Soulstone Hunter8magical beastany (Ash’Akan)
Harpy Jasmine5planttemperate or warm forests (Castrovel)
Hashukayak5animaltemperate plains or hills (Orikolai)
Hellhound3outsider (devil)any (Hell)
Hellhound, Ravager12outsider (devil)any (Hell)
Hellknights, Hellknight Armiger5humanoid (lashunta)
Hellknights, Hellknight Commander10humanoid (human)
Hellknights, Hellknight Signifier7humanoid (human)
Herd Animal, Colossal Herd Animal8animalany
Herd Animal, Gargantuan Herd Animal6animalany
Herd Animal, Huge Herd Animal4animalany
Herd Animal, Large Herd Animal2animalany
Herd Animal, Medium Herd Animal1/2animalany
Herd Animal, Small Herd Animal1/3animalany
Hesper2feyany starship or urban
Hinkhetxi12monstrous humanoid (water)any aquatic or land (No Stars)
Hivehead7monstrous humanoidany
Hobbe Hound2animalany
Hobgar1/3magical beastany forests (Nakondis)
Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin Lieutenant7humanoid (goblinoid)any
Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin Trooper1humanoid (goblinoid)any
Holofang4magical beast (aquatic)aquatic (Gaskar III)
Hortus, Hortinarch11plantany (Croban V)
Hortus2plantany (Croban V)
Hound of Tindalos7outsider (evil, extraplanar)any
Hound of Tindalos, Thing from Beyond Time17outsider (evil, extraplanar)any
Huitz’plina9magical beastwarm forests (Mulkaxi)
Huitz’plina, Youngling3magical beastwarm forests (Mulkaxi)
Hungerer From The Dark13aberrationvacuum
Hymothoa9ooze (aquatic)any (Vesk-6)