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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Obfuchsia12plantany vacuum
Oblivion Shade8undead (incorporeal)any
Odheo1verminany underground or urban
Oma16magical beastany vacuum or gas giant
Oni, Ja Noi5outsider (goblinoid, native, oni, shapechanger)any
Oni, Kanabo Commando3outsider (goblinoid, native)any
Oni, Oni, Spirit2outsider (native, oni)any
Oni, Tsabagu10outsider (native, oni, shapechanger)any
Onkushi13outsider (extraplanar, fire, good)any (Plane of Fire)
Oracle of Oras13plantany
Orc, Orc Technician1/2humanoid (orc)any (Apostae)
Orc, Orc Trooper5humanoid (orc)any (Apostae)
Orocoran6aberrationany (Aucturn)
Orocoran, Orocoran Ichor Lord9aberrationany (Aucturn)
Osharu1/2monstrous humanoidany
Osharu, Osharu Headteacher8monstrous humanoidany
Osifern, Enigma8animal (aquatic)aquatic (any water)
Osifern, Sprout1/2animal (aquatic)aquatic (any water)