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Source Alien Archive 3 pg. 129
Vorthuuls are created when a living creature perishes inside a black hole. Use the following template graft to create a unique vorthuul of any CR.
Required Creature Type: Undead.
Suggested Array: Combatant.
Traits: Quantum duality; event horizon; fly 60 ft. (Su, perfect); gravitational maelstrom, voidheart.

Event Horizon (Su) Vorthuuls bend light toward themselves, including that produced by laser weapons. Attacks made with laser weapons against a vorthuul gain a +4 circumstance bonus to the attack roll and ignore the miss chance from concealment.

Gravitational Maelstrom (Su) Three times per day as a full action, a vorthuul can take on the crushing gravitational properties of a black hole for 1d4+1 rounds, during which time the vorthuul’s speed is reduced by half. At the end of the vorthuul’s turn, creatures the same size or smaller and unattended objects of no more than light bulk within 30 feet of the vorthuul are drawn toward it. The vorthuul makes a single special combat maneuver with an attack bonus of +22, comparing the result to each creature’s KAC + 4. If successful, the creature is pulled 5 feet closer to the vorthuul plus 5 additional feet for every 5 by which the result exceeds the target’s KAC + 4. Unattended objects are automatically moved 10 feet closer to the vorthuul each round. While this ability is active, any creature that begins its turn adjacent to the vorthuul takes 2d10+10 bludgeoning damage (Fortitude DC 17 half); unattended objects automatically take this damage when they are moved adjacent to the vorthuul. In addition, any creature within 30 feet of the vorthuul while this ability is active has its speed reduced by half when it moves away from the vorthuul or doubled when it moves toward the vorthuul. A creature that moves neither toward nor away from the vorthuul during this time moves at its normal speed.

Quantum Duality (Su) Vorthuuls are constantly shifting between the forms of two spirits that are forever intertwined through quantum entanglement: one an apparition that continually suffers in agony as its physical form is stretched by the black hole’s tidal forces, the other a tranquil, compressed mass created by a singularity’s crushing abyss. The vorthuul decides which of its two forms is dominant at the start of combat and can switch between the forms as a move action.
  • Form of Crushing Tranquility: The vorthuul gains immunity to bludgeoning damage and force effects, as well as a +4 circumstance bonus to Will saves.
  • Form of Everburning Essence: The vorthuul gains elemental immunities and ferocity.

Voidheart (Su) As a standard action, a vorthuul can attempt to touch an adjacent creature with an attack bonus of +22 against the target’s EAC to channel the torment of being consumed by a singularity onto them. If the target fails a DC 19 Fortitude save, it is immediately pinned and staggered by the crushing agony for 1 minute. As a standard action during its turn, the creature can attempt a DC 35 Acrobatics check to escape or a DC 25 Strength check to break through the invisible bonds of gravity, removing the pinned and staggered conditions.
Suggested Ability Scores: Strength, Dexterity.