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Template Grafts | Universal Monster Rules

Environmental Grafts

These environmental grafts can be applied to any creature, though additional adjudication may be needed when applying them to humanoids, monstrous humanoids, and outsiders.


Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 141
Numerous bizarre species are native to the airless gulfs of outer space. Some of these creatures hibernate for countless years, reawakening when they meet potential prey, while others remain awake, actively hunting for food or other necessities, even approaching planets in search of prey.
Flying: To move in space, a creature must have a supernatural flying speed. You can also give creatures the spaceflight universal creature rule if they move between worlds or even between systems.
Radiation Immune: Accustomed to cosmic rays, space creatures are immune to radiation.
Void Adaptation: Creatures that can survive in outer space have the void adaptation universal creature rule.
Zero-Gravity Inured: Space creatures are immune to the off-kilter condition.