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Environmental Grafts

These environmental grafts can be applied to any creature, though additional adjudication may be needed when applying them to humanoids, monstrous humanoids, and outsiders.


Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 139
A creature is arboreal if it not only lives in forests but also lives primarily in the trees.
Climbing: Arboreal creatures are great climbers and gain a climb speed equal to at least half their land speed.
Flying: Some arboreal creatures fly. You can give arboreal creatures a typical fly speed, as flying creatures find shelter high and plentiful in forests.
Senses: You can optionally add senses to an arboreal creature. Keen hearing is common among arboreal creatures, which can’t rely on sight in dense vegetation. You can grant them blindsense (scent) or blindsight (sound), generally with a 30-foot range.
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics.