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Creature Subtype Grafts

A creature subtype graft gives a description of the subtype, followed by specific traits innate to that creature subtype.


Source Alien Archive 4 pg. 149, Alien Archive 3 pg. 149
Spectra are neutral outsiders native to the Drift.
Traits: void adaptation; DR 5/chaotic, evil, good, or law (CR 8+; increases to 10 at CR 13, 15 at CR 18); immunity to electricity; resistance 5 to cold and sonic; spell resistance equal to 10 + CR; Computers, Engineering, and Mysticism as master skills; machine telepathy (below); truespeech; slip drive (below); spaceflight (Mysticism).
Abilities: Machine Telepathy (Ex): A spectra can communicate with and through technological devices within a certain range (usually 100 ft.) as well as with other creatures that have machine telepathy. A spectra can also attempt Computers and Engineering checks at this range.
Slip Drive (Ex): A spectra has an internal biomechanical Drift engine that enables it to travel freely between the Drift and other planes, as well as between two non-Drift planes, using the normal rules for Drift navigation. A slip drive has an effective Drift engine rating equal to the half the spectra’s CR, and a spectra needs to remain stationary for only 1 round (6 seconds) before engaging its slip drive.