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Flayer Leech Efigy

Source Alien Archive 3 pg. 37
Any living humanoid or monstrous humanoid creature can become an unlucky victim of a <%ALIEN%Flayer Leech%%>flayer leech<%END>. Use the following template graft to create a unique flayer leech effigy.
Required Creature Type: Monstrous humanoid..
Traits: Regeneration (5 for CR 5–9, 10 for CR 10–14, 15 for CR 15+; suppressed by acid), phonophobia, vulnerable to sonic, drink marrow, rapid strikes, uncanny impersonation, verminlike, warp bones.

Drink Marrow (Ex) A flayer leech effigy has a pharyngeal proboscis that can quickly vibrate at a subsonic frequency, allowing it to easily pierce through bone and similar hardened internal structures to consume a creature’s marrow. A creature struck by a flayer leech effigy’s bite must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save or be sickened for 1 minute. Further bites from the flayer leech effigy don’t worsen this condition, only extend the duration.

Phonophobia (Ex) When a flayer leech effigy is dealt sonic damage or comes within 30 feet of the source of an extremely loud noise (such as that produced by a starship thruster or the explosion of a grenade), it must attempt a DC 21 Will saving throw. If it fails, it is frightened for 1d4 rounds; if it succeeds, it gains the off-target condition for 1d4 rounds instead.

Rapid Strikes (Ex) When a flayer leech effigy makes a full attack with its wrist proboscis, it makes up to three attacks instead of two, taking a –6 penalty to each attack instead of the normal –4 penalty.

Uncanny Impersonation (Su) A flayer leech effigy can impersonate the creature whose skin it is wearing to a striking degree. The effigy can use Disguise to disguise itself as a specific person, and the DC for the Disguise check isn’t adjusted due to being disguised as a different creature type or size category. In addition, the flayer leech effigy receives some psychic impressions when it consumes the creature’s brain, allowing it to glean minor details about the creature’s life and speak the languages it spoke. If the effigy attacks with its wrist proboscis, its disguise is automatically ruined for all who witness the attack.

Verminlike (Ex) For effects targeting creatures by type, a flayer leech effigy counts as both monstrous humanoid and vermin (whichever type allows an ability to affect them for abilities that affect only one type, and whichever is worse for abilities that affect both types). The effigy also receives a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting effects.

Warp Bones (Su) Once a flayer leech effigy has tasted a creature’s marrow, it can temporarily reshape that creature’s skeletal structure using only its mind. As a move action, an effigy can concentrate on the creatures it has wounded. Each creature that is sickened due to the effigy’s drink marrow ability must succeed at a DC 21 Fortitude save or suffer extreme pain as its bones twist and crack, gaining the nauseated condition until the end of its next turn.
Suggested Ability Scores: Strength, Dexterity.