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Creature Subtype Grafts

A creature subtype graft gives a description of the subtype, followed by specific traits innate to that creature subtype.


Source Alien Archive pg. 134
Angels are celestials, or good outsiders, native to the good-aligned Outer Planes.
Traits: Darkvision 60 ft.; low-light vision; protective aura (see below); +4 to saving throws against poison; immunity to acid, cold, and petrification; resistance 10 to electricity and fire; truespeech.

Protective Aura (Su): For angels of CR 3 to CR 15, this ability grants creatures within the aura (usually 20 feet), including the angel, a divine bonus (usually +2) to AC against attacks made by evil creatures and a divine bonus (usually +4) to saving throws against effects created by evil creatures. The protective aura of a more powerful or a weaker angel might grant a larger or smaller bonus and have a larger or smaller radius, respectively.