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Source Alien Archive pg. 86
Nuars are pale, minotaur-like creatures with formidable frames and roughly bovine faces, hooves, and horns. Their skin and hair range in coloration from snow white to cream, light gray, or tan, with eyes that are generally pink or red, though they much more rarely may be bright blue, green, or yellow. Nuars’ bestial appearance often convinces others that the creatures are slow-witted and simple, but this is far from the truth.

Nuars trace their origins to lost Golarion, claiming they are a race distinct from the larger and less intelligent race of common minotaurs. Their accepted history states they existed on Absalom Station, and before that in the ancient city of Absalom, long before the Gap. With no firm scholarship to rely on, nuars have built a new mythology and history by borrowing elements from numerous other species and faiths.

Nuars have a strong appreciation for the culture of orcs and half-orcs, and often follow orc conventions and traditions that don’t interfere with their endeavors in invention and innovation. They are drawn to technology and commonly worship Triune or Yaraesa, with their most senior priests also serving as skilled designers, engineers, and inventors.

Nuars are not a numerous race, even on their declared home of Absalom Station. They have no known major settlements of their own, though rumors persist of technologically advanced labyrinths hidden deep within asteroids of the Diaspora. Beyond Absalom Station, they are most often found on exploratory ships, as their combination of impressive physiques, keen intellects, and urges to research and create serve them well. However, as nuars age, they also tend to want to establish roots, often returning to Absalom Station to start a family or build a community.

A typical nuar stands between 7 and 7-1/2 feet tall and weighs about 300 pounds.


The nuars’ natural grasp of complex patterns and shifting connections has allowed them to develop special kinds of multifunctional devices using an adjustable component known as a maze-core. A maze-core device acts as two different pieces of equipment, though it can function as only one of the two at any given time. Only powered or technological equipment can be built as maze-core devices, and the items must be melee weapons, small arms, longarms, heavy weapons, computers, or technological devices.

To create a maze-core device, select two pieces of equipment. The maze-core device has a bulk equal to that of the bulkiest of the two items + 1, and a cost equal to the most expensive of the two items + 1-1/2 times the cost of the less expensive item. When determining the maze-core equipment’s hardness and Hit Points, treat it as having the higher level of the two items, but for all other calculations, each item retains its own item level. If both items require the same kind of ammunition or power (such as a battery), they share a single battery of the highest capacity either device uses.

Changing a piece of maze-core equipment to function as the alternate piece of equipment is a swift action.

Aliens in the "Nuar" Family

Nuar Enforcer4
Nuar Specialist8

Nuar, Nuar Specialist

Source Alien Archive pg. 86

Nuar Specialist CR 8

XP 4,800
Nuar mechanic
LN Medium monstrous humanoid
Init +0; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +16


HP 117
EAC 19; KAC 20
Fort +9; Ref +9; Will +9


Speed 40 ft.
Melee buzzblade dueling sword +17 (2d6+10 S) or horn +17 (1d12+10 P)
Ranged aphelion laser pistol +15 (3d4+8 F; critical burn 1d4) or frag grenade III +15 (explode [15 ft., 4d6 P, DC 18])
Offensive Abilities gore, knockdown, overload (DC 18), target tracking


STR +2; DEX +0; CON +2; INT +6; WIS +4; CHA +1
Skills Athletics +16, Bluff +16, Computers +21, Engineering +21, Physical Science +21
Languages Common, Orc
Other Abilities artificial intelligence (exocortex), expert rig (cerebral implant), maze mind, mechanic tricks (holographic projector, neural shunt), miracle worker 1/day, remote hack (DC 18), wireless hack
Gear advanced lashunta tempweave (black force field [10 HP]), maze-core aphelion laser pistol and buzzblade dueling sword with 2 high-capacity batteries (40 charges each), frag grenades III (4), detonators (4)


Environment any (Absalom Station)
Organization solitary

Special Abilities

Gore (Ex) A nuar can charge without taking the normal charge penalties to the attack roll or its AC. If the nuar has another ability that allows it to charge without taking these penalties (such as the charge attack ability from the soldier’s blitz attack fighting style), the nuar also gains the ability to charge through difficult terrain.

Maze Mind (Ex) Nuars have a naturally strong sense of direction and an instinctive understanding of complex patterns. As a result, they very rarely get lost. A nuar can attempt a special level-based Wisdom check (1d20 + CR or level + Wisdom bonus) instead of using his total bonus in the Piloting skill to navigate or his total bonus in the Survival skill for orienteering.

Extra Content

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