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Shalar - Tier 20

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 123
Supercolossal base ship
Speed 6; Maneuverability clumsy (turn 5); Drift 1
AC 33; TL 32
HP 825; DT 15; CT 165
Ablative Armor medium 200 (forward 50, port 50, starboard 50, aft 50)
Shields heavy 480 (forward 90, port 130, starboard 130, aft 130)
Attack (Forward) gravity cannon (2d6×10; 10 hexes), particle beam (8d6; 20 hexes), particle beam (8d6; 20 hexes)
Attack (Port) heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes)
Attack (Aft) heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes)
Attack (Turret) mass driver (2d6×10; 20 hexes), mass driver (2d6×10; 20 hexes)
Power Core Titan Heavy (950 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems crew quarters (good), mk 11 armor, mk 12 defenses, mk 6 mononode computer, mk 6 network nodes (3); Expansion Bays cargo holds (220), guest quarters (luxurious), hangar bays (4), recreation suite (HAC), recycling system, science lab (life science, physical science), tech workshop; Modifiers +6 to any 4 checks per round, +2 Computers (sensors only), –1 Piloting; Complement 4,021 (minimum 150, maximum 100,000)


Captain (1 officer, 50 crew) Diplomacy +34 (20 ranks), Engineering +39 (20 ranks), gunnery +29 (20th level), Intimidate +34 (20 ranks), Piloting +34 (20 ranks)
Engineers (5 officers, 375 crew each) Engineering +39 (20 ranks)
Gunners (5 officers, 260 crew each) gunnery +29 (20th level)
Pilot (1 officer, 100 crew) Piloting +34 (20 ranks)
Science Officers (4 officers, 170 crew each) Computers +34 (20 ranks)


When the first Star Citadel, Heorrhad, had its innards hewn from stone, its dwarven engineers repurposed the waste rock to construct Shalar, a vast and sturdy fortress reinforced with modern, high-tech materials. Rumors suggest that somewhere near Shalar’s center rests a keystone that, should it ever be destroyed or removed, would trigger a cascade of failures that would spell the end of the entire citadel. The tenacious rumor persists despite the fortress’s strength, so its dwarven crew members instead direct visitors’ attention to the display within half of an enormous geode (the other half residing in Heorrhad, symbolizing the two citadels’ deep connection).

While Shalar is neither the first nor the largest of the dwarven Star Citadels (those honors belong to Heorrhad and Ironstar, respectively), it is easily the most far-ranging, readily traveling the Pact Worlds, Near Space, and the Vast. Its crew boasts that Shalar has as many purposes as there are stones that make it up. Of late, the citadel has been amassing resources, mercenaries, and smaller starships as if in anticipation of some grand voyage, though where it’s bound next is a tight-lipped secret that’s inspired vigorous speculation.

Special Abilities

Extensive Redundancies (Ex) Shalar’s framework is so tightly fitted and its systems so well protected by redundancies that each system ignores the first instance of critical damage that would be applied to it per starship combat.