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The Tetrad manufactures its own line of starships using unique hybrid technology, including proprietary planar aperture drives that enable the witchwyrds to travel between planes as well as into the Drift. Under no circumstances are these engines sold to non-witchwyrds. In the Pact Worlds, one of the most commonly encountered style of witchwyrd starships is the Tetrad Caravel, named after an ancient oceangoing vessel.

Tetrad Caravel - Tier 6

Source Alien Archive pg. 123
Medium transport
Speed 12; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Drift 2
AC 18; TL 19
HP 85; DT —; CT 17
Shields medium 100 (forward 25, port 25, starboard 25, aft 25)
Attack (Forward) heavy laser array (6d4), tactical nuclear missile launcher (5d8)
Attack (Aft) laser net (2d6)
Attack (Turret) light particle beam (3d6), light particle beam (3d6)
Power Core Pulse Blue (200 PCU); Drift Engine proprietary planar aperture drive; Systems basic long-range sensors, biometric locks, crew quarters (luxurious), mk 2 armor, mk 3 defenses, mk 1 tetranode computer; Expansion Bays cargo holds (2), guest quarters (luxurious), life boats, smuggler compartment; Modifiers +1 to any four checks per round, +2 Computers, –1 Piloting; Complement 6


Captain (Witchwyrd) Bluff +18 (6 ranks), Diplomacy +18 (6 ranks)
Engineer Engineering +13 (6 ranks)
Gunners (2) gunnery +10
Pilot Piloting +16 (6 ranks)
Science Officer Computers +13 (6 ranks)