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Sovereign Dominator - Tier 19

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 121
Supercolossal ultranought
Speed 6; Maneuverability clumsy (turn 4); Drift 1
AC 24; TL 27
HP 950; DT 20; CT 190
Shields medium 540 (forward 135, port 135, starboard 135, aft 135)
Attack (Forward) heavy aeon torpedo launcher (6d8; 20 hexes), heavy aeon torpedo launcher (6d8; 20 hexes), ultragraser (6d8×10; 20 hexes)
Attack (Port) gravity gun (6d6; 10 hexes), heavy torpedo launcher (5d8; 20 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) gravity gun (6d6; 10 hexes), heavy torpedo launcher (5d8; 20 hexes)
Attack (Turret) linked heavy aeon casters (12d6; 10 hexes), supermaser (2d8×10; 20 hexes)
Power Core Titan Heavy (950 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems autodestruct system, basic medium-range sensors, crew quarters (luxurious), data net, mk 3 armor, mk 6 defenses, mk 6 mononode computer, mk 6 network nodes (2), security (4 anti-hacking systems, biometric locks); Expansion Bays arcane laboratory, general science lab, guest quarters (luxurious), hangar bays (5), medical bay, recreation suites (gym, HAC, trivid), sealed environmental chamber, synthesis bay; Modifiers +6 to any 3 checks per round, Computers +2 (sensors only), Piloting –1; Complement 1,145 (minimum 250, maximum 5,000)


Captain Bluff +32 (19 ranks), Diplomacy +32 (19 ranks), gunnery +28 (19th level), Intimidate +37 (19 ranks), Piloting +31 (19 ranks)
Engineers (4 officers, 90 crew each) Engineering +32 (19 ranks)
Gunners (6 officers, 65 crew each) gunnery +28 (19th level)
Pilot (1 officer, 80 crew) Piloting +31 (19 ranks)
Science Officers (3 officers, 100 crew each) Computers +32 (19 ranks)


The masterpiece of the Imperial Foundry, the Sovereign Dominator is equipped to lead system-wide assaults. Few of these massive vessels exist, and only a handful of reports have escaped to speak of their capabilities. Indeed, the Azlanti Star Empire seems to thrive on these starships’ mystery and notoriety, making a Sovereign Dominator’s sudden appearance all the more terrifying. The recently conquered Uruthun system had fielded a valiant defense until one arrived, at which point the coalition government capitulated within an hour.

Yet the Sovereign Dominator is not so invulnerable as its reputation seems to suggest. The Aristian exploded after suffering irreparable damage against an undisclosed foe, and the empire swiftly constructed and launched an identical replacement with the same name to keep up appearances. Smaller starships collected and hid away the remnants of the immense vessel’s broken hull, though fragments no doubt still float in the depths of space, preserving the Azlantis’ imperfect battle record.

For an Azlanti soldier, assignment to a Sovereign Dominator is a great privilege. The starships are built for long invasions, and so boast some of the finest crew accommodations to maintain morale, from individual rooms to recreational facilities. Yet even the posh quarters rattle unsettlingly when a Sovereign Dominator’s largest weapon fires. The ultragraser’s design seemed a straightforward matter of scaling up existing technology, yet on activation, the prototype’s shock wave tore apart the test ship’s forward section. The final Sovereign Dominator design provides enough support and reinforcement to keep the massive starship from blasting apart, but not enough to avert its crew’s discomfort.