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Sov-El Korinath - Tier 8

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 99
Small light freighter
Speed 10; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 2
AC 25; TL 25
HP 60; DT —; CT 12
Shields medium 200 (forward 50, port 50, starboard 50, aft 50)
Attack (Forward) linked tactical nuclear missile launchers (10d8; 20 hexes)
Attack (Port) linked gyrolasers (2d8; 5 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) linked gyrolasers (2d8; 5 hexes)
Attack (Turret) light particle beam (3d6; 10 hexes)
Power Core Pulse Orange (250 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Booster; Systems advanced medium-range sensors, crew quarters (good), mk 6 armor, mk 7 defenses, mk 2 duonode computer, security (2 anti-hacking systems); Expansion Bays arcane laboratory, cargo hold, hydroponic garden; Modifiers +2 to any two checks per round, +4 Computers (sensors only), +1 Piloting; Complement 6 (minimum 1, maximum 6)


Captain Bluff +16 (8 ranks), Diplomacy +16 (8 ranks), Intimidate +21 (8 ranks), Piloting +17 (8 ranks)
Engineer Engineering +16 (8 ranks)
Gunners (2) gunnery +14 (8th level)
Pilot Piloting +17 (8 ranks)
Science Officer Computers +16 (8 ranks)


During the Gap, elves suffered a great betrayal whose details they cannot recall yet whose pain they cannot forget. Yet even as this betrayal drove them to sequester themselves on Castrovel, the call of space travel still beckoned. Sov-El is the best known of the few homegrown elven shipyards, building starships that can defend their elven crews and passengers from further harm while providing them with independence and access to galactic markets and knowledge.

The Korinath is among the most common elven starships. True to classic elven design, the Korinath is a sleek and solid freighter that suffers no interference as it transports goods and passengers on lengthy voyages. The starship’s amenities are suited for isolation, with arcane facilities in which the crew can study and experiment on magical anomalies they find, plus robust hydroponic gardens that sustain the crew without any need for outside provisions.

For non-elves, Korinaths are a rare sight. Nobody else knows what these vehicles transfer back and forth, spawning countless rumors that they’re transporting ancient artifacts, priceless treasures, secret technologies, or even wilder cargo. These tales spur the unwise to waylay Korinaths, in most cases resulting in the would-be pirates’ demise but exacerbating elven traumas and insular tendencies. The conflicts rarely last long, as Korinaths command extraordinary firepower for vessels of their size, and their gunners usually show little hesitation before responding to strangers with overwhelming force.

The greatest concentration of Korinaths beyond Castrovel was recently spotted in the nine-world Helfen-Thel system. It may be that elves find ready customers for their techno-magical goods among the indigenous maggedli, though some speculate that they’re instead drawn to the local gateway and portal technologies, which are reminiscent of elves’ own aiudara. Drow of House Arabani have spied on these transactions, prompting Castrovel’s elves to become even more suspicious and defensive. Each month brings more reports of altercations with Korinath crews, and Pact Worlds officials have dispatched numerous teams to put a stop to these skirmishes.