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Sanjaval Redsun - Tier 9

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 101
Large heavy freighter
Speed 6; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Drift 2
AC 23; TL 22
HP 160; DT —; CT 32
Shields medium 100 (forward 25, port 25, starboard 25, aft 25)
Attack (Forward) gravity gun (6d6, 10 hexes, tractor beam), linked coilguns (8d4, 20 hexes)
Attack (Port) heavy laser net (5d6, 5 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) heavy laser net (5d6, 5 hexes)
Attack (Aft) flak thrower (3d4, 5 hexes)
Power Core Pulse Orange (250 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Booster; Systems crew quarters (common), extra light weapon mount (aft), mk 5 armor, mk 5 defenses, mk 1 mononode computer, security (biometric locks); Expansion Bays cargo holds (6), smuggler compartment, tech workshop; Modifiers +1 any one check per round, +1 Piloting; Complement 12 (minimum 6, maximum 20)


Captain Computers +22 (9 ranks), Engineering +22 (9 ranks), gunnery +15 (9th level), Piloting +18 (9 ranks)
Engineers (4) Engineering +22 (9 ranks)
Gunners (4) gunnery +15 (9th level)
Pilots (2) Piloting +18 (9 ranks)
Science Officer Computers +17 (9 ranks)


The Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems Redsun-class trader is a study in opportunity costs. On one hand, the heavy freighter contains six expansive cargo holds with removable bulkheads, allowing crews to combine the individual holds into one contiguous, cavernous cargo bay. On the other hand, all of the Redsun’s primary systems, living quarters, and weapons are packed into what little space is left over, making for very cramped living conditions for its crew members. Although it is broad, slow, and ungainly in space, the Redsun makes up for its ponderous performance on long hauls, as its powerful Drift engine cuts typical travel times in half. This speed, along with its prodigious cargo capacity, helps the Redsun stand out from its competitors; as such, it is a favored vessel among independent merchants throughout the Pact Worlds and beyond.

The Redsun has proven especially popular with ysoki salvagers and scrappers, who like the freighter’s cargo-hauling capabilities and are undeterred by its confined living spaces. In fact, the crew decks on many ysoki-operated Redsuns often become narrow, winding warrens of junk, scrap, and spare parts—more akin to what one would expect to find in the junkyards of Akiton than on a Drift-capable freighter. While the Redsun was not specifically created for the ysoki market, a popular urban legend shared among ysoki crews holds that a ysoki engineer modified the ship’s plans in its final design stages, adding features that would appeal to the diminutive species. Regardless of Sanjaval’s original intent for the Redsun, it sells more of them to ysoki than to any other species, and their popularity in that sector has helped keep the design in production long past expectations.

Ysoki-crewed Redsuns often operate on the fringes of the law, sometimes engaging in smuggling, blockade running, or trafficking in illicit or forbidden goods. The Redsun was not designed as a combat vessel, but it is capable of defending itself against minor attacks from pirates, raiders, or law enforcement. Some joke that the standard complement of point-defense weapons speaks to some long-retired engineer’s paranoia or a design artist’s desire to preserve and illuminate their work: when a Redsun is threatened, the light show of its laser nets and showers of reflective flak causes the ship to practically glow.