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Pyre Spike Station - Tier 18

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 119
Colossal dreadnought (space station)
Speed 2; Maneuverability poor (turn 3); Drift
AC 26; TL 29
HP 600; DT 15; CT 120
Shields superior 600 (forward 150, port 150, starboard 150, aft 150)
Attack (Forward) super plasma cannon (3d6×10; 10 hexes)
Attack (Port) linked twin lasers (10d8; 20 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) linked twin lasers (10d8; 20 hexes)
Attack (Aft) linked twin lasers (10d8; 20 hexes)
Attack (Turret) laser net (2d6; 5 hexes), linked light particle beams (6d6; 10 hexes)
Power Core Gateway Ultras (2, 500 PCU each); Drift Engine none; Systems advanced long-range sensors, crew quarters (good), mk 6 armor, mk 10 defenses, mk 3 trinode computer; Expansion Bays cargo holds (45), escape pods (4), hangar bay, hydroponic gardens (2), life boats (3), medical bay, power core housing, recreation suite (gym), recreation suite (HAC), recreation suite (trivid), shuttle bay, synthesis bay; Modifiers +3 to any three checks per round, +4 Computers (sensors only); Complement 212 (minimum 125, maximum 500)


Captain Bluff +36 (18 ranks), Diplomacy +31 (18 ranks), gunnery +26 (18th level), Intimidate +31 (18 ranks), Piloting +31 (18 ranks)
Engineers (3 officers, 25 crew) Engineering +31 (18 ranks)
Gunners (4 officers, 15 crew each) gunnery +26 (18th level)
Pilot (1 officer, 20 crew) Piloting +31 (18 ranks)
Science Officers (3 officers, 15 crew) Computers +31 (18 ranks)


The Golden League’s powerful Akaio family emerged from the Gap in control of Pyre Spike Station, in orbit just beyond Aucturn. Even though they lacked any records for how they built or acquired the station, the Akaios quickly turned it into a lucrative trading hub, an unpoliced refuge for ne’er-do-wells, and the unofficial headquarters for the League. The Akaios’ supremacy lasted until 40 ag, when they executed a risky extortion scheme against Absalom Station, hoping that the ongoing war with the Veskarium would shield them from retaliation. It failed catastrophically. Upon unification a year later, the Pact Worlds dispatched a small armada to neutralize the syndicate. When they arrived, though, Pyre Spike Station’s Akaio leaders were all missing or slain, executed by lesser Golden League families as a peace offering to preserve their autonomy. Since then, the League has lacked any central authority, favoring more dispersed operations to avoid competition and limit retribution.

However, Pyre Spike Station remains in Golden League control, with five or more different families vying for control through shadowy maneuvers, assassinations, and regular takeovers of sundry businesses in an ongoing turf war. The station’s other inhabitants tend to lie low to avoid the crossfire and political struggles, as they take advantage of the largely lawless sanctuary. Law enforcement—whether Stewards, Hellknights, or even bounty hunters—faces a chilly reception, often being refused services or even chased off entirely by League operatives. In return for the protection, visitors are expected to contribute illicit goods, favors, or labor to maintain the station.

The station holds dozens of hidden passages, secret caches, and forgotten tunnels. Rumors persist that the old Akaio fortune lies deep within the station’s core. Even more troubling, though, are whispers that part of the Akaio family survived the purge, and the remnants are amassing a small army to retake their home.