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Opulos Opulence - Tier 5

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 92
Small shuttle
Speed 12; Maneuverability perfect (turn 0); Drift 3
AC 21; TL 20
HP 40; DT —; CT 8
Shields light 60 (forward 15, port 15, starboard 15, aft 15)
Attack (Forward) light particle beam (3d6; 10 hexes)
Attack (Turret) laser net (2d6; 5 hexes)
Power Core Arcus Heavy (130 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Major; Systems budget short-range sensors, crew quarters (luxurious), extra weapon mount (turret), mk 5 armor, mk 5 defenses, mk 3 trinode computer; Expansion Bays cargo hold, guest quarters (luxurious), recreation suite (HAC); Modifiers +3 to any 3 checks per round, +1 Piloting; Complement 4 (minimum 1, maximum 4)


Captain Computers +11 (5 ranks), Diplomacy +11 (5 ranks), Engineering +11 (5 ranks), gunnery +10 (5th level), Piloting +12 (5 ranks)
Engineer Computers +11 (5 ranks), Engineering +11 (5 ranks)
Gunner gunnery +10 (5th level)
Pilot gunnery +10 (5th level), Piloting +17 (5 ranks)


The Opulence is a bespoke luxury vessel manufactured by the Opulos corporation. Most citizens of the Pact Worlds can recite the annoying but catchy “Opulos means opulence” advertising campaign by heart, though few can afford the product. Opulence yachts are marketed as playthings of the glitterati—wealthy dilettantes, celebrities, CEOs, and government officials who need to travel frequently and in style.

The Opulence oozes extravagance, from its hand-woven carpeting and gold safety railings to its ostentatious passenger suite, which combines a spacious bed chamber and private jacuzzi with a personal reception area. The spacious central lounge provides ample entertainment space, which owners can convert to a swimming pool, dance floor, brutaris court, theatrical stage, recording studio, or another use to suit their specific needs. Upon purchase, each Opulence owner customizes the furnishings to their own rarefied taste, and many make the starships their personal homes. Few can blame them, as a fully outfitted Opulence yacht is more comfortable than most luxury hotels—and often as expensive as a small mansion. Even the crew quarters are richly appointed with hardwood floors, four-poster beds, and gilt accoutrements.

Looks aren’t everything, however, and the Opulence boasts multiple cutting-edge features designed for function as well as fashion. Its computer and defensive systems receive frequent updates from Opulos that constantly improve their security, but frustratingly require hours to properly install. Though the Opulence isn’t designed for combat, its weapons and armor protect its passengers from casual raiders. The only real shortcoming is the ship’s underwhelming sensor system, but there is a lucrative aftermarket for Opulence upgrade services, and many owners choose to upgrade the sensors and hire a captain with the training required to operate the new equipment.

As a status symbol, the Opulence is a frequent target of theft. Law enforcement impound yards are full of stolen Opulences confiscated from minor criminals brought in on unrelated charges. For a time, Opulence “recycling centers”— secret hangars where mechanics scrubbed stolen Opulence shuttles of their identifying marks and repainted them for black-market resale—were a popular criminal trend on Verces. After a few high-profile busts, most of these enterprises shut down or fled to the Diaspora, where they now command a higher price for their services.