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Veskarium Ship Styles

Like vesk themselves, Veskarium-style ships tend to be brutish and pugnacious. They bristle with weapons and armor without regard for aesthetics, and many of their shapes were originally inspired by the sharklike reptilian predators in the seas of Vesk-2.

Though the Veskarium is a monolithic military-industrial complex, its government is strangely permissive of its manufacturers selling ships to its rivals. Some believe this is due to the vesk’s inherent sense of honor—there’s little joy in beating a poorly armed opponent—while others fear governmentmandated back doors into ship AIs, or chalk it up to the power of crony capitalism. Regardless, Veskarium ships are extremely popular among the rough-and-tumble sorts of the Pact Worlds: corporations, criminals, and mercenaries that need a lot of firepower without a lot of questions. Most military organizations old enough to remember the war with the Veskarium, such as the Stewards and the Knights of Golarion, respect the vessels but would never include them in their fleets. Ships by the Norikama Syndicate, based on a neutral colony world of the same name and specializing in knockoffs of other companies’ designs, are most commonly encountered in Pact Worlds space, yet many ships by Veskarium-based corporations such as Dashadz Industries, Vindicas, and the Blood Mountain Clans regularly make their way into circulation via military salvage, the gray market, or honest sale. Perhaps the most common and recognizable of all Veskarium ships is the BMC Mauler. With its distinctive Y-shaped outline, created by wing arms descending to the central bubble cockpit, the Mauler proves shockingly maneuverable and once chewed through squadrons of Pact Worlds defenders. Today, the Mauler remains the default fighter on most vesk carriers and serves as the weapon of choice for vesk pilots engaging in honor duels.

Norikama Dropship - Tier 8

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 315
Medium transport
Speed 12; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Drift 2
AC 24; TL 23
HP 100; DT —; CT 20
Shields light 80 (forward 20, port 20, starboard 20, aft 20)
Attack (Forward) coilgun (4d4), persistent particle beam (10d6)
Attack (Aft) coilgun (4d4)
Attack (Turret) light plasma cannon (2d12), light plasma cannon (2d12)
Power Core Pulse Orange (250 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Booster; Systems basic long-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 6 armor, mk 6 defenses, mk 3 duonode computer; Expansion Bays guest quarters (5, common); Modifiers +3 any two checks per round, +2 Computers, –1 Piloting; Complement 5


Captain Engineering +16 (8 ranks), gunnery +16, Intimidate +16 (8 ranks), Piloting +15 (8 ranks)
Engineer Engineering +16 (8 ranks)
Gunner gunnery +16
Pilot Piloting +20 (8 ranks)
Science Officer Computers +18 (8 ranks)


Styled as a miniature version of larger vesk warships, the Norikama Dropship is designed as a fleet transport ship, but it has no problem picking a fight on its own.

BMC Mauler - Tier 2

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 314
Tiny fighter
Speed 10; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 1
AC 19; TL 18
HP 35; DT —; CT 7
Shields basic 40 (forward 10, port 10, starboard 10, aft 10)
Attack (Forward) light plasma cannon (2d12), tactical nuclear missile launcher (5d8)
Attack (Aft) flak thrower (3d4)
Power Core Pulse Brown (90 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems advanced mid-range sensors, mk 5 armor, mk 5 defenses, mk 1 mononode computer; Expansion Bays none; Modifiers +1 any one check per round, +4 Computers, +1 Piloting; Complement 2


Gunner gunnery +12
Pilot Computers +11 (2 ranks), gunnery +7, Piloting +12 (2 ranks)


While Maulers can be flown in combat by a single person, making them popular with bounty hunters and other lone wolves, militaries usually staff them with two: a pilot seated upright in the bubble canopy, and a gunner behind the pilot operating via screens.

Vindicas Tyrant - Tier 16

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 315
Colossal dreadnought
Speed 4; Maneuverability clumsy (turn 4); Drift 1
AC 28; TL 26
HP 600; DT 15; CT 120
Shields medium 200 (forward 50, port 50, starboard 50, aft 50)
Attack (Forward) heavy laser cannon (4d8), particle beam cannon (3d4×10)
Attack (Port) heavy torpedo launcher (5d8), superlaser (2d4×10)
Attack (Starboard) heavy torpedo launcher (5d8), superlaser (2d4×10)
Attack (Turret) linked coilguns (8d4)
Power Core Gateway Ultra (500 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems basic computer, budget mid-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 10 armor, mk 10 defenses; Expansion Bays cargo holds (12), hangar bays (2); Complement 300


Captain Diplomacy +28 (16 ranks), Engineering +28 (16 ranks), gunnery +28, Intimidate +33 (16 ranks), Piloting +28 (16 ranks)
Engineers (3 officers, 45 crew each) Engineering +28 (16 ranks)
Gunners (5 officers, 25 crew each) gunnery +33
Pilot (1 officer, 12 crew) Piloting +28 (16 ranks)
Science Officers (2 officers, 8 crew each) Computers +28 (16 ranks)


Feared across multiple star systems, the Tyrant lives up to its name. Huge weapon batteries tear through even the most formidable capital ships, while its hangars unleash squadrons of Maulers to mop up foes too insignificant to be worth the Tyrant’s direct attention.