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Nebulor Skymedic - Tier 1

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 84
Tiny racer
Speed 12; Maneuverability perfect (turn 0); Drift 1
AC 16; TL 16
HP 20; DT —; CT 4
Shields basic 30 (forward 8, port 7, starboard 7, aft 8)
Power Core Arcus Light (75 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems basic medium-range sensors, mk 3 armor, mk 3 defenses, mk 1 mononode computer, mk 1 skill expander, virtual intelligence (tier 1); Expansion Bays medical bay; Modifiers +1 to any 1 check per round, +1 Piloting; Complement 1 (minimum 1, maximum 1)


Pilot Engineering +5 (1 rank), Piloting +11 (1 rank)
VI Computers +7 (1 rank), Medicine +7 (1 rank), Piloting +8 (1 rank)

Special Abilities

Dedicated Design The Nebulor Skymedic can support a medical bay despite its base frame not typically accommodating expansion bays.

The Nebulor Outfitters Skymedic, designated NO-1A, first entered service during the Silent War, shortly after the Veskarium's initial invasion. After Triaxus and its allies lost countless lives at the Battle of Aledra, mostly due to the difficulty of treating and evacuating wounded from the region's rugged terrain, Nebulor designed a scaled-down version of its popular transport vessels to serve as flying ambulances. Although unarmed, the Skymedic can reach and land in unforgiving environments that would otherwise be inaccessible to starships. Like the company's much larger Starhopper model (equally agile in open space), a Skymedic can reliably dodge debris and enemy fire. Its sturdy armor, cutting-edge defensive countermeasures, and light shields help it perform medical evacuations even in the most hostile landing zones.

After 200 years of production, Nebulor added a state-of-the-art medical virtual intelligence to the newer models' medical bays, designating these upgraded models NO-1E. This enables the pilot to load injured personnel and then immediately take off and withdraw, relying on the medical VI to stabilize and treat patients as the starship speedily escapes.

The Skymedic is among the most respected and identifiable starships in the galaxy, with its distinctive red stripe color scheme shielding it more thoroughly than its conventional defenses. Even during the Silent War, the Veskarium honored the Skymedics' role, allowing the starships to evacuate the wounded undisturbed. This accommodation gradually resulted in the model losing even its most basic armaments. When the Swarm simultaneously invaded the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium, thousands of Skymedics were dispatched to the front lines, where they treated and evacuated tens of thousands of Pact Worlds and Veskarium wounded alike. The vesk haven't forgotten this service, and the Skymedics' actions were instrumental in building trust between the two systems in the peace that followed.

With the Swarm driven off, many Skymedics have been repurposed for transporting VIPs and high-value goods. Designated as NO-1G Skylifts, these converted Skymedics are optimized for travel through hazardous and uncharted environments, often with their medical bays replaced with luxury seating or a small cargo hold. Skymedics with such modifications are legally required to change their painted design to avoid impersonating medical personnel, but smugglers sometimes preserve the color scheme to access otherwise-restricted space