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KC Golarion-Class Battleship - Tier 16

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 114
Gargantuan battleship
Speed 8; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Drift 1
AC 28; TL 28
HP 440; DT 16; CT 88
Shields heavy 480 (forward 120, port 120, starboard 120, aft 120)
Attack (Forward) heavy laser net (5d6; 5 hexes), heavy plasma torpedo launcher (5d10; 20 hexes), persistent particle beam cannon (2d10×10; 20 hexes)
Attack (Port) heavy laser net (5d6; 5 hexes), plasma cannon (5d12; 10 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) heavy laser net (5d6; 5 hexes), plasma cannon (5d12; 10 hexes)
Attack (Aft) laser net (2d6; 5 hexes)
Attack (Turret) heavy antimatter missile launcher (10d10; 20 hexes), persistent particle beam (10d6; 20 hexes)
Power Core Gateway Ultra (500 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems adamantine alloy armor, advanced long-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 6 armor, mk 7 defenses mk 3 trinode computer; Expansion Bays cargo hold, guest quarters (luxurious), life boats, medical bay, science lab (general), shuttle bay, tech workshop; Modifiers +3 to any 3 checks per round, +4 Computers (sensors only); Complement 144 (minimum 100, maximum 300)


Captain Bluff +28 (16 ranks), Diplomacy +33 (16 ranks), Intimidate +28 (16 ranks), Piloting +28 (16 ranks)
Engineers (4 officers, 10 crew each) Engineering +28 (16 ranks)
Gunners (5 officers, 10 crew each) gunnery +23 (16th level)
Pilot (1 officer, 10 crew) Piloting +28 (16 ranks)
Science Officers (3 officers, 10 crew each) Computers +33 (16 ranks)


Like other Kevolari Collective frames, Golarion-Class Battleships are very practical, standardized designs, often resembling thruster-festooned skyscrapers bristling with antennas and weapons more than sleek battle cruisers. Despite their enormous size and somewhat cumbersome appearance, Golarion-Class Battleships are highly maneuverable, and their captains have no trouble traversing even moderately dense asteroid and debris fields that other gargantuan starships might avoid. As a result, they’re able to navigate the precarious space of the Diaspora asteroid belt in pursuit of fleeing enemies, much to the consternation of the Free Captains and other pirates that infest that region of the Pact Worlds.

With extensive point defense systems, Golarion-Class Battleships are built to withstand an onslaught of threats ranging from rogue tracking weapons to a Swarm battle fleet, all while directing crucial fleet combat operations and contributing their own impressive firepower, making them extremely durable and versatile platforms.

As with the Veskarium’s Vindicas Tyrant, Golarion-Class Battleships are so formidable that their mere presence can end hostile situations before they begin. Indeed, many would-be starship skirmishes between the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium during the Silent War defused immediately upon the arrival of a Golarion-Class Battleship. In one of the model’s most famous actions to date, three Golarion-Class Battleships were able to hold their own against a much stronger Corpse Fleet Blackwind Annihilator ultranought. The trio drove off the renegade Eoxian behemoth, though two suffered near catastrophic damage and required years of repair at Castrovel’s Elindrae spacedock.