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BMC Devastator - Tier 14

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 111
Gargantuan carrier
Speed 6; Maneuverability poor (turn 3); Drift 1
AC 27; TL 25
HP 330; DT 10; CT 66
Shields medium 140 (forward 35, port 35, starboard 35, aft 35)
Attack (Forward) mass driver (2d6×10, 20 hexes), massive ramming prow (2d4×10; 1 hex)
Attack (Port) heavy laser array (6d4; 5 hexes), heavy torpedo launcher (5d8; 20 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) heavy laser array (6d4; 5 hexes; array), heavy torpedo launcher (5d8; 20 hexes)
Attack (Turret) linked light particle beams (6d6; 10 hexes)
Power Core Gateway Heavy (400 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems basic computer, budget long-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 7 armor, mk 6 defenses; Expansion Bays hangar bays (2; 16 BMC Maulers), shuttle bay (BMC Predator); Complement 150 (minimum 75, maximum 200)plus 50 Mauler and Predator pilots


Captain Diplomacy +25 (14 ranks), Engineering +25 (14 ranks), gunnery +20 (14th level), Intimidate +30 (14 ranks), Piloting +25 (14 ranks)
Engineers (5 officers, 12 crew each) Engineering +25 (14 ranks)
Gunners (6 officers, 10 crew each) gunnery +20 (14th level)
Pilot (1 officer, 5 crew) Piloting +30 (14 ranks)
Science Officers (2 officers, 5 crew each) Computers +25 (14 ranks)


The Veskarium is not generally known for its subtlety, and neither are the starships of the Blood Mountain Clans. This trend is perhaps best exemplified by the BMC Devastator, which brings the unflinching boldness of the vesk to new heights. Designed as a smaller, faster, and cheaper carrier-focused alternative to the mighty Vindicas Tyrant, the Devastator is a newer design developed during the Swarm War. In contrast to most carrier designs that are intended to project power from a relatively safe distance, the Devastator is designed to get up close and personal.

The Veskarium’s standard tactical doctrine for the Devastator is for the carrier to deploy its complement of 16 BMC Mauler starfighters, then accelerate toward the greatest threat on the battlefield until it can ram the enemy vessel, softening up its target with its forward mass driver along the way. Outfitted with a massive ramming prow and reinforced frame to absorb much of the kinetic energy released by such collisions, the Devastator is perfectly suited for such unorthodox tactics. The carrier is relatively lightly armored and shielded for a ship of its size, relying instead on its accompanying fighters and secondary armaments for defense. Piloting a Devastator using these traditional tactics is not for the faint of heart, and it is not uncommon for even seasoned pilots to spend significant time studying these ships before daring to take the helm.

The the efficacy of this doctrine was proved in 294 ag at the Battle of Kesta-vol, a key engagement in the Swarm War. Unaccompanied by any other Veskarium capital ships, a flotilla of six Devastators was ordered to defend Kesta-vol, a Veskarium colony world in Near Space, against an invading Swarm fleet that outnumbered them three to one. While their fighters targeted the Swarm’s landing ships and smaller fighters, the Devastators inflicted massive damage on the capital ships with their ramming attacks. The remnants of the Swarm fleet withdrew into the Drift, leaving Kesta-vol in Veskarium hands with the loss of only three Devastators.