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Weapon Special Properties

Some weapons possess inherent special properties. A weapon’s special properties are listed in the Special column entry in its corresponding weapons table. Details of these special weapon properties appear below.


Source Tech Revolution pg. 60
When activated, this weapon exudes subtle static charges that tightly bind nearby objects to one another, granting them additional resilience from incoming attacks. After you make an attack with this weapon, you: increase the AC bonus you gain from cover by 1, increase the hardness of objects within 5 feet of you by an amount equal to 1/4 × the weapon’s item level, and gain a +1 bonus to your KAC to resist combat maneuvers. These benefits last until you move or until the beginning of your next turn, whichever comes first. Objects that are moved from their space lose this benefit immediately. The effects of multiple buttressing weapon attacks don’t stack with each other.