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Basic Melee

Any handheld weapon that must touch a target to deal damage is considered a melee weapon. Basic melee weapons can be easily used by almost anyone and generally require no special training. While basic melee weapons deal less damage than more sophisticated weapons of the same item level, they have the advantage of not usually requiring power sources and operating under almost any conditions. Basic melee weapons are divided into one-handed and two-handed weapons.

One-Handed Weapons

Unarmed Strike1d3 Barchaic, nonlethal
Club01d6 BLAnalog, archaic, thrown (10 ft.)
Baton, Tactical1901d4 BLAnalog, operative, thrown (20 ft.)
Battleglove, Cestus11001d4 BLanalog
Handaxe, Basic1901d4 SLanalog, thrown (20 ft.)
Knife, Survival1951d4 SLAnalog, operative, thrown (20 ft.)
Sword Cane, Tactical12501d4 Pbleed 1d3Lanalog, operative
Syringe Stick, Standard11251d3 PLConceal, injection, operative
Idaran Force Training Baton24001d4 BLoperative, powered (capacity 20, usage 1)
Bone Cestus, Austere26001d6 Pbleed 1d4Lanalog
Dueling Sword, Tactical24751d6 SLanalog
Electric Prod, Jolt 29001d4 EStunned 1Nonlethal, powered (capacity 20, usage 1), professional (farmer)
Sap, Light24501d4 BLanalog, nonlethal, operative
Sledge31,0501d8 B1analog, unwieldy
Switchblade, Tactical31,3001d4 SLanalog, conceal, operative
Inferno Knife42,1001d4 Sburn 1d6Lanalog, operative
Tailblade42,3001d4 SLanalog, operative, tail
Dueling Sword (Corpse Fleet), Converted42,1001d8 SLanalog
Handaxe, Tactical41,8251d6 SLanalog, thrown (20 ft.)
Sword Cane, Advanced42,1001d4 Pbleed 1d4Lanalog, operative
Ignurso Knuckles, Ember53,1001d6 F & SWoundLAnalog, penetrating
Retractable Spike, Tactical53,1501d4 PLconceal, integrated (1 slot), operative
Spined Blade, Basic52,6001d6 Pinjection DC +2Lanalog
Syringe Stick, Sharp-pointed52,6501d4 PInjection DC +2LConceal, injection, operative
Electric Prod, Impulse 64,5001d6 EStunned 1Nonlethal, powered (capacity 20, usage 1), professional (farmer)
Polyclub, Tactical64,2001d6 BLAnalog, operative, polymorphic
Retractable Stinger, Tactical64,3001d4 PInjection DC +2LConceal, injection, integrated (1 slot), operative
Sap, Medium63,9001d6 BLanalog, nonlethal, operative
Shell Knuckles, Tactical64,0503d4 BLanalog, shells (1; usage 1)
Hook Knife76,3001d8 Sbleed 1d6Lanalog
Bone Cestus, Measured75,5002d6 Pbleed 1d6Lanalog
Knife, Tactical76,0002d4 SLAnalog, operative, thrown (20 ft.)
Sword Cane, Ultrathin77,0002d4 Pbleed 1d4Lanalog, operative
Dueling Sword, Buzzblade89,5002d6 SLpowered (capacity 20; usage 1)
Spined Blade, Buzzblade89,4001d10 Pinjection DC +2Lpowered (capacity 20; usage 1)
Switchblade, Ultrathin89,1002d4 SLanalog, conceal, operative
Incapacitator914,2003d4 BstaggeredLnonlethal, operative, powered (capacity 20; usage 2)
Handaxe, Sintered912,5002d6 SLanalog, thrown (30 ft.)
Ignurso Knuckles, Blaze913,5002d6 F & SWoundLAnalog, penetrating
Retractable Stinger, Advanced913,9001d10 PInjection DC +2LConceal, injection, integrated (1 slot), operative
Syringe Stick, Hyper-pointed912,0002d4 PInjection DC +2LConceal, injection, operative
Battleglove, Power1016,1002d8 BLpowered (capacity 20; usage 1)
Dueling Sword (Corpse Fleet), Officer1018,7953d4 SLanalog
Electric Prod, Storm 1019,0002d6 EStunned 1Nonlethal, powered (capacity 20, usage 2), professional (farmer)
Polyclub, Advanced1017,4002d6 BLAnalog, operative, polymorphic
Retractable Spike, Advanced1018,4003d4 PLconceal, integrated (1 slot), operative
Sword Cane, Zero-Edge1018,0002d6 Pbleed 1d6Lanalog, operative
Dueling Sword, Ultrathin1126,0003d6 SLanalog
Sap, Heavy1123,1002d8 BLanalog, nonlethal, operative
Spined Blade, Ripper1124,5002d10 Pinjection DC +2Lpowered (capacity 20; usage 1)
Bone Cestus, Imposing1232,0003d6 Pbleed 2d6Lanalog
Dagger, Ultrathin1232,8004d4 SLAnalog, operative, thrown (20 ft.)
Shell Knuckles, Advanced1232,5004d8 BLanalog, shells (2; usage 2)
Battleglove, Nova1352,5003d10 BLpowered (capacity 20; usage 1)
Ignurso Knuckles, Inferno1350,2504d6 F & SWoundLAnalog, penetrating
Retractable Stinger, Elite1351,0002d10 PInjection DC +2LConceal, injection, integrated (1 slot), operative
Switchblade, Zero-Edge1348,6005d4 SLanalog, conceal, operative
Sword Cane, Molecular Rift1350,9003d8 Pbleed 1d8Lanalog, operative
Syringe Stick, Ultra-pointed1346,0005d4 PInjection DC +2LConceal, injection, operative
Dagger, Zero-Edge1464,4006d4 SLAnalog, operative, thrown (20 ft.)
Electric Prod, Surge 1475,0004d6 EStunned 1Nonlethal, powered (capacity 100, usage 4), professional (farmer)
Handaxe, Ultrathin1466,8006d6 SLanalog, thrown (30 ft.)
Polyclub, Elite1465,0004d6 BLAnalog, operative, polymorphic
Spined Blade, Gravity1462,4004d10 Pinjection DC +2Lpowered (capacity 40; usage 2)
Dueling Sword, Ripper15109,2507d6 SLpowered (capacity 20; usage 1)
Retractable Spike, Elite15119,0007d4 PLconceal, integrated (1 slot), operative
Peacemaker16185,3006d6 BknockdownLoperative, powered (capacity 20; usage 2), stun
Shell Knuckles, Elite16151,00010d8 BLanalog, shells (3; usage 3)
Sword Cane, Dimensional Slice16160,0005d8 Pbleed 2d6Lanalog, operative
Battleglove, Gravity17214,8505d10 BLpowered (capacity 20; usage 1)
Bone Cestus, Severe17230,0008d6 Pbleed 5d6Lanalog
Dagger, Molecular Rift17275,00010d4 SLAnalog, operative, thrown (20 ft.)
Dueling Sword (Corpse Fleet), Admiral17255,1508d6 SLanalog
Ignurso Knuckles, Solar Flare17262,0009d6 F & SSevere woundLAnalog, penetrating
Retractable Stinger, Paragon17268,0004d10 PInjection DC +2LConceal, injection, integrated (1 slot), operative
Syringe Stick, Supreme-pointed17225,00010d4 PInjection DC +2LConceal, injection, operative
Dueling Sword, Molecular Rift18331,20010d6 SLanalog
Electric Prod, Tempest 18385,0008d6 EStunned 1Nonlethal, powered (capacity 100, usage 4), professional (farmer)
Polyclub, Paragon18345,0008d6 BLAnalog, operative, polymorphic
Spined Blade, Rivener18325,0008d10 Pinjection DC +2Lpowered (capacity 40; usage 2)
Switchblade, Molecular Rift18354,00011d4 SLanalog, conceal, operative
Baton, Advanced19540,0008d6 BLOperative, powered (capacity 20, usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)
Handaxe, Molecular Rift19502,00012d6 SLanalog, thrown (40 ft.)
Retractable Spike, Paragon20895,0006d10 PLconceal, integrated (1 slot), operative
Shell Knuckles, Paragon20525,00014d8 BLanalog, shells (4; usage 4)
Red Star Plasma KukriPlasma42,4501d4 E & FwoundLoperative, powered (capacity 20, usage 1)

Two-Handed Weapons

Spear, Tactical13751d6 P1analog, block, thrown (20 ft.)
Staff, Battle1801d4 Bknockdown1analog, block
Syringe Spear, Tactical12501d6 PInjection DC +2LInjection
Warclub24501d10 B1analog
Garrote, Wire29001d2 SLanalog, conceal, grapple, operative, throttle
Greataxe, Tactical31,1001d12 S1analog
Lance, Tactical31,4501d6 P1analog, reach
Chitinblade, Tactical41,8901d6 Sbleed 1d61analog
Puzzleblade, Conviction42,1001d6 S1breakdown
Living Staff, Tactical53,3001d6 Bbind1block, living, powered (capacity 20; usage 1), reach
Maul, Tactical52,7501d8 Bknockdown1analog, unwieldy
Greataxe, Sintered64,1503d6 S1analog
Scythe, Tactical63,9001d8 S1analog, trip
Syringe Spear, Advanced64,2501d8 PInjection DC +2LInjection
Garrote, Nanofiber76,7002d4 SLanalog, conceal, grapple, operative, throttle
Staff, Carbon76,1501d8 Bknockdown1analog, block
Lance, Advanced89,4002d6 P1analog, reach
Spear, Sentinel810,0002d6 P1analog, block, thrown (20 ft.)
Chitinblade, Microserrated912,4004d4 Sbleed 2d41analog
Puzzleblade, Dedication913,7003d6 S1breakdown
Greataxe, Ultrathin1018,1002d12 S1analog
Maul, Advanced1017,2003d8 Bknockdown1analog, unwieldy
Scythe, Sintered1123,2004d6 S1analog, trip
Spear, Buzzblade1122,6503d6 P1block, powered (capacity 40; usage 2), thrown (20 ft.)
Syringe Spear, Elite1125,0003d10 PInjection DC +2LInjection
Garrote, Microfilament1234,8004d4 Sbleed 1d6Lanalog, conceal, grapple, operative, throttle
Living Staff, Advanced1239,5004d6 Bbind1block, living, powered (capacity 20; usage 1), reach
Chitinblade, Nanoserrated1346,4004d8 Sbleed 2d81analog
Lance, Elite1350,8005d6 P1analog, reach
Greataxe, Molecular Rift1469,8004d12 S1analog
Puzzleblade, Moderation1477,4007d6 S1breakdown
Maul, Elite1595,0007d8 Bknockdown1analog, unwieldy
Spear, Zero-Edge15107,3507d6 P1analog, block, thrown (20 ft.)
Living Staff, Elite16181,00012d6 Bbind1block, living, powered (capacity 20; usage 1), reach
Scythe, Ultrathin16160,0007d8 S1analog, trip
Syringe Spear, Paragon16165,0009d8 PInjection DC +2LInjection
Chitinblade, Ultraserrated17219,0008d8 Sbleed 3d81analog
Garrote, Monowire17225,0005d8 Sbleed 2d6Lanalog, conceal, grapple, operative, throttle
Lance, Paragon18365,00011d6 P1analog, reach
Staff, Hardlight18320,8008d8 Bknockdown1analog, block
Puzzleblade, Tradition19605,00014d6 S1breakdown
Spear, Gravity19552,00012d6 P1block, powered (capacity 40; usage 2), thrown (20 ft.)
Living Staff, Paragon20919,00014d6 Bbind1block, living, powered (capacity 20; usage 1), reach
Maul, Paragon20724,00015d8 Bknockdown1analog, unwieldy