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Weapon Accessories

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 58
The galaxy’s weapons dealers offer a dizzying array of options, but sometimes the perfect weapon for a specialized job just isn’t available as a base model. Luckily, weapon accessories can provide additional utility with just a little tinkering, which you can do yourself or pay a professional to handle. Weapon accessories modify existing weapons to provide certain benefits to the weapon’s user. Experienced operators keep a variety of accessories on hand, swapping them out as needed.

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Weapon Accessory Descriptions

Weapon accessories are described in this section. Unless otherwise noted, accessories are considered technological items. The GM is free to rule that some accessories are unsuitable for some weapons.
NameLevelPriceBulkCapacityUsageWeapon Type
Fireburst Chamber1400201/hourRailed weapon, small arm
Grenadier Bracket1400railed weapon
Rangefinder1325L201/hourrailed weapon, small arm
Uniclamp1150Lrailed weapon
Bayonet Bracket, Heavy1300Lrailed weapon
Bayonet Bracket, Light1150Lrailed weapon, small arm
Bipod, Light1350railed weapon
Bipod, Heavy2700Lrailed weapon
Grip, Folding2600Lsmall arm
Grip, Nanofiber2750Lany
Sight, Manual21,000Lrailed weapon, small arm
Stock, Collapsing2850Lrailed weapon
Collapsing Weapon31,250Lmelee weapon
Flash Suppressor31,200Lprojectile
Gunner Harness, Light31,4001heavy weapon
Scope, Sniper31,350railed weapon, small arm
Silencer41,850Lrailed weapon
Scope, Nightvision42,350201/hourrailed weapon, small arm
Sight, Laser53,000L201/hourrailed weapon, small arm
Inertial Dampener64,000L201/minuteany
Grip, Null-Space64,250Lmelee weapon, small arm
Scope, Laser64,300201/hourrailed weapon, small arm
Grip, Blur75,400Lmelee weapon, small arm
Gunner Harness, Heavy75,6002heavy weapon
Stock, Null-Space75,950Lrailed weapon
Gunner Harness, Null-Space915,0002heavy weapon
Scope, Revealing912,500201/hourrailed weapon, small arm
Scope, Clarity1237,500201/hourrailed weapon, small arm