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Surgecasters are bioengineered organic weapons; these independent conglomerations of bioelectric cells generate deadly bursts of electricity when fired. They were invented by a flotilla of merged barathus that directed its efforts toward creating such a weapon, and its success has resulted in the continued production of the surgecaster as a viable commercial endeavor. Only two models are currently available on the market: a standard surgecaster and an advanced surgecaster, though the merged barathu entity appears to be continuing its research and development efforts.

Shock Weapons

Shock weapons emit powerful electrical blasts that can damage and potentially stun enemies. Ranged versions use a low-power laser to direct these weapons’ electrical arcs. Electrical blasts can also leap to adjacent targets, making the weapons well suited for stunning groups of enemies. In general, tempest shock weapons are the most powerful, followed in descending order by storm, aurora, and static shock weapons.

Surgecaster, Advanced

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 48
Level 14; Price 83,000
Hands 2; Proficiency Longarms
Damage 3d10 E; Range 60 ft.; Critical arc 2d10
Capacity 40 charges; Usage 2
Bulk 1; Special boost 1d10, living

Surgecaster, Standard

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 48
Level 5; Price 3,300
Hands 2; Proficiency Longarms
Damage 1d10 E; Range 40 ft.; Critical arc 1d10
Capacity 20 charges; Usage 2
Bulk 1; Special boost 1d6, living