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Plasma Caster

Plasma casters fling bolts of ionized plasma at a target. They have good range and are easier to use than plasma rifles or pistols, but they strike only a single target.

Plasma Weapons

Superheated or electromagnetically charged gas becomes ionized plasma, which plasma weapons emit in a controlled blast. Ionized plasma deals both electricity and fire damage, tearing through organic flesh and metal alike. Plasma beams can be projected, as from a gun, or maintained in a steady beam with a powerful magnetic field, as the blade of a melee weapon.

Followers of Sarenrae popularized terms for the different intensities of plasma swords based on the heat they emit. The hottest, deadliest plasma weapon is a blue star, followed in descending order by white star, yellow star, red star, and finally tactical plasma weapons.

Plasma Caster, White Star

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 176
Level 13; Price 49,100
Hands 2; Proficiency Longarms
Damage 3d10 E & F; Range 80 ft.; Critical burn 1d10
Capacity 100 charges; Usage 5
Bulk 2; Special boost 1d10

Plasma Caster, Blue Star

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 176
Level 17; Price 275,000
Hands 2; Proficiency Longarms
Damage 5d10 E & F; Range 80 ft.; Critical burn 2d10
Capacity 200 charges; Usage 10
Bulk 2; Special boost 2d10