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Nanite Decoupler

While most disintegrator weapons produce a stream of energy that strikes a single target, a nanite decoupler programs nanites to replicate a disintegrator’s destructive energies over a set area. The integrated generators used to overcharge the nanites for the desired effect make a nanite decoupler a heavy, bulky weapon that requires a skilled user. The caustic nanite decoupler and the vitriolic nanite decoupler are both deadly, destructive weapons.

Disintegrator Weapons

Available as pistols (small arms), rifles (longarms), and cannons (heavy weapons), these powerful weapons are often referred to by the more scientific term “high-energy proton decouplers,” as they produce streams of energized fields that corrode and break down matter much like subatomic acid would. However, since their effects appear to turn metal to slag, plastic to vapor, and flesh to goo, they’re commonly known as “disintegrators.” Devourer cultists particular revere disintegrators because the weapons slough away their enemies’ flesh.

Nanite Decoupler, Vitriolic

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 37
Level 19; Price 650,000
Hands 2; Proficiency Heavy
Damage 2d20 A; Range 80 ft.; Critical corrode 3d6
Capacity 10 nanites; Usage 5
Bulk 3; Special explode (20 ft.), unwieldy

Nanite Decoupler, Caustic

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 37
Level 9; Price 15,000
Hands 2; Proficiency Heavy
Damage 2d6 A; Range 60 ft.; Critical corrode 1d6
Capacity 10 nanites; Usage 2
Bulk 3; Special explode (10 ft.), unwieldy