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Source Pact Worlds pg. 198
Level 2; Price 750
Capacity 20; Usage 1/hour
Hands —; Bulk 1


Used by the brave souls who venture onto the exterior of Absalom Station to conduct repairs, these sturdy boots have powerful electromagnets built directly into the soles. These magnets can be activated as a move action, providing you a +5 circumstance bonus to Athletics checks made to climb metal surfaces, as well as +2 circumstance bonus to KAC against bull rush and trip combat maneuvers when you are standing on a metal surface. In areas of zero gravity, while wearing a pair of magboots, you can move your land speed across metal surfaces without having to attempt skill checks, and as long as you are adjacent to an appropriate surface, you do not automatically move at the beginning of your turn each round. Magboots function until they run out of power or until you deactivate them as a move action, whichever comes first.