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Unlike light and heavy armor, powered armor requires its own battery, and comes with a fully charged battery at purchase. Powered armor uses the same type of batteries as other items, including charged weapons, and the battery for a suit of powered armor can be recharged as normal using a generator or recharging station (see page 234), or it can be replaced with a new battery when spent (see Table 7–9: Ammunition for battery pricing).
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Spacer Carapace

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 78
Item Level 6; Price 4,650
EAC Bonus 8; KAC Bonus 13
Max Dex Bonus 2; Armor Check Penalty -3; Speed 30 ft.
Strength 18 (+4); Damage 1d10 B; Size Medium
Capacity 20; Usage 1/hour
Weapon Slots 1; Upgrade Slots 2; Bulk 20
This powered armor resembles a bulky humanoid insect, including helmet-mounted oxygen canisters that appear as stylized mandibles. The armor’s wide boots contain powerful magnets useful for navigating the exterior of starships and space stations for repair work or guard duty. You can move your land speed across metal surfaces in zero gravity without having to attempt checks; if you are adjacent to a metal surface, you do not automatically move at the beginning of your turn each round. You also gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your AC against bull rush and trip combat maneuvers when you are standing on a metal surface.