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Armor Upgrades

Armor Upgrades

A creature can personalize armor by purchasing and installing armor upgrades, described below, which add bonuses or customized abilities to armor. Some individuals keep a collection of upgrades at hand, swapping them out as needed (requiring 10 minutes to replace the unit and resecure all connections). Explanations of entries for upgradesā€™ statistics follow.
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NameLevelPriceSlotsArmor TypeCapacityUsageBulk
Weapon Spikes11Heavy, Powered
Automated Self-repairer11001Light, HeavySee Text
Heavy Weapon Mount11001Heavy
Light Weapon Mount11001Any
Pet Carrier11001AnyL
Remote Monitoring System11001Any
Scrap Spikes, Tactical11001Any
Vacuum Rappeler11201Any
Easy Access Kit11251AnyL
Grim Trophies (Magic)11251Any
Light Projector11501Any201/hour1
Tensile Reinforcement11501Any
Thermal Regulator (Hybrid)11501AnyL
Sustenance System, Basic11501Any1
Concealed Compartments11751Any
Aversion Coating12001Light, HeavyL
Infrared Sensors12001AnyL
Radiation Buffer12001AnyL
Voice-Command Module, Mk 112501Any
Medical Analysis Kit, Mk 113201Any201/use
Quick-Release Sheath13251AnyL
Agility Enhancer, Mk 113751Light, Heavy
Stabilizer Springs14001Light, Heavy
Descent Thrusters18001AnyL
Snarl Barbs11,5001AnyL
Personal Drop Pod, Basic22001Any1
Broadband Noise Generator, Mk 126501Any
Automated Loader27501Powered1
Sustenance System, Mk 128001Any1
Auto-CPR Unit28501Any
Jump Jets21,0001Light, Heavy202/actionL
Omnidirectional Camera21,0001Any101/roundL
Thrower Arms21,0001Any
Juggernaut Boosters31,2001Heavy, Powered1
Quicksuit (Hybrid)31,3001Light, Heavy
Glamer Projector (Magic)31,3501Light, HeavyL
Voice-Command Module, Mk 231,3501Any
Hydrojet31,4001Light, Heavy202/hour
Hibernation System31,5001Any1
Mobility Enhancer, Mk 131,5001Heavy
Reactive Polarization31,6001Any51L
Force Field, Brown31,6002AnyL
Exit Pod41,7501Heavy, Powered2
Remote-Link Module41,7501Powered201/hour1
Hover Field41,8001LightL
Climate Control Unit41,9501Light, Heavy
Flashblinders, MK 142,0001Any111
Backup Generator42,1001Any1
Longstrider Module42,2001Light
Sustenance System, Mk 242,2001Any1
Targeting Computer42,2501Any
Medical Analysis Kit, Mk 242,4001Any201/use
Personal Drop Pod, Stealth55002Any1
Load Lifter52,2501Any
Scrap Spikes, Advanced52,6401Any
Telepathic Dampener (Magic)52,7001AnyL
Molting Coat Module, Mk 152,7001AnyL
Voice-Command Module, Mk 352,7001Any
MedObserve Interface, Basic52,8001Any101/10 minutes
Rampart Plates52,8501Heavy1
Ghost Armor (Magic)52,9001AnyL
Agility Enhancer, Mk 253,0001Light, Heavy
Electrostatic Field, MK 153,0001Any
Jetpack53,1001Light, Heavy402/round1
Reverberation Amplifier53,3001Any2
Plasma Pain (Hybrid)53,5001Any101/roundL
Thermal Capacitor, MK 153,6001Any
Brightlight Projector (Hybrid)63,0001Any201/hour
Broadband Noise Generator, Mk 263,9001Any
Sacred Seal (Hybrid)64,2001AnyL
Phase Shield64,3251Heavy, Powered401/round1
Tactical Scaffold64,4502Heavy2
Endurance Module (Hybrid)64,5001Any11
Sustenance System, Mk 364,5001Any1
Force Field, Purple64,5502AnyL
Filtered Rebreather64,6001Any1
Lightwarp Inlay65,0001Any101/roundL
Drift Escape Module71,0001Heavy, Powered1
Voice-Command Module, Mk 475,4001Any
Computer Interface76,0001AnyL
Glider Foils76,0002Light1
Medical Analysis Kit, Mk 376,2001Any201/use
Aligned Buffer (Hybrid)76,4501AnyL
Absorption Shield (Hybrid)76,5001Heavy, Powered40101
Ferrofluid Suspension76,5001Any
Adaptive Defense, Mk 1 (Hybrid)76,5001Any
Microspur Spray (Hybrid)76,7001Heavy, Powered311
Quartz Refractor (Hybrid)77,1001AnyL
Sonic Dampener77,1501AnyL
Burrowing Arms, Mk 177,3501Heavy, Powered1
Deflective Reinforcement77,5001Any1
Graviton Emitter77,5001Heavy, Powered101/roundL
Environmental Field (Magic)89,0001Any101/round
Explosive Defense Unit89,0001Any
Haste Circuit (Magic)89,2501Light, Heavy101/roundL
Arcane Vision (Hybrid)89,3001Any204/minuteL
Mindlink Servos, Mk 1 (Hybrid)89,5002Light, Heavy51/round2
Mobility Enhancer, Mk 289,5001Heavy
Silicon Armor Casing810,0001Any1
Flashblinders, MK 2810,0001Any111
Grandchild's Cloak, Normal (Hybrid)810,0001Light103/roundL
Force Field, Black810,5002AnyL
Battery Unit912,0001Any
Haze Field (Hybrid)913,0001Any101/round
Agility Enhancer, Mk 3913,0001Light, Heavy
Electrostatic Field, MK 2913,0001Any
Forcepack (Hybrid)913,1001Light, Heavy1002/round1
Reaction Accelerator (Hybrid)913,5001Any
Medical Interface, Mk 1 (Hybrid)914,0001Any
Personal Drop Pod, Invisibility103,0002Any1
Scrap Spikes, Ultrathin1016,8001Any
Invisibility Detector (Hybrid)1017,0001Any51/minute
Adaptive Energy Shield1017,5001Any
Broadband Noise Generator, Mk 31017,5001Any
Gravity Pulse Unit1018,0001Heavy, Powered2010L
Holodouble Module (Hybrid)1018,0001Light, Heavy101/round
Courage Module (Hybrid)1018,3001Any11
Echolocation Detection Unit1019,0001Any101/minute
Shadow Skip Unit (Magic)1019,0001Any31L
Force Field, White1020,0002AnyL
Molting Coat Module, Mk 21123,0001AnyL
Magic Resistor, Mk 1 (Magic)1123,5001Any1
MedObserve Interface, Advanced1123,8501Any101/10 minutes
Attractor Field (Hybrid)1124,0001Any51
Bodyguard Module (Magic)1124,4001Heavy, Powered
Burrowing Arms, Mk 21125,0001Heavy, Powered1
Lingual Scrambler (Hybrid)1232,8001AnyL
Electrostatic Field, MK 31235,0001Any
Privacy Shield (Magic)1235,5001AnyL
Thermal Capacitor, MK 21236,2501Any
Neutronium Shell (Hybrid)1237,5002Heavy, Powered1
Flashblinders, MK 31238,0001Any111
Force Field, Gray1240,0002AnyL
Agility Enhancer, Mk 41346,0001Light, Heavy
Spell Reflector, MK 1 (Magic)1347,9501Light, Heavy111
Indomitability Module (Hybrid)1350,0001Any11/day
Burrowing Arms, Mk 31351,5001Heavy, Powered1
Teleportation Unit (Hybrid)1352,0001Any211
Life Shield (Magic)1464,0001Any101/minute
Fortified Plates, Mk 11465,5001Heavy, Powered2
Magic Resistor, Mk 2 (Magic)1470,0002Any2
Mindlink Servos, Mk 2 (Hybrid)1471,0002Light, Heavy51/round2
Titan Shield1475,0001Powered402/round2
Adaptive Defense, Mk 2 (Hybrid)1475,0001Any
Force Field, Green1480,0002AnyL
Scrap Spikes, Zero-Edge1593,6001Any
Medical Interface, Mk 2 (Hybrid)15100,0001Any
Fortified Plates, Mk 215104,0001Heavy, Powered2
Displacement Field (Hybrid)15120,0002Any101/round1
Grandchild's Cloak, Greater (Hybrid)15120,0001Light103/roundL
Thermal Capacitor, MK 315120,0001Any
Tandem Translocator16151,0001Light, Heavy40VariableL
Fortified Plates, Mk 316151,0001Heavy, Powered2
Emergency Defense Sphere (Hybrid)16162,0001Any31/roundL
Flashblinders, MK 416180,0001Any111
Force Field, Red16180,0002AnyL
Tandem Vitality17216,0001Any11L
Agility Enhancer, Mk 517216,0001Light, Heavy
Molting Coat Module, Mk 317225,0001AnyL
Magic Resistor, Mk 3 (Magic)17240,0002Heavy, Powered2
Adaptive Defense, Mk 3 (Hybrid)17250,0001Any
Fortified Plates, Mk 417262,0001Heavy, Powered2
Force Field, Blue17280,0002AnyL
Quantum Phasing18360,0001Light101/roundL
Vibration Sensors18360,0001AnyL
Spell Reflector, MK 2 (Magic)18360,0001Light, Heavy111
Shadow Sprint Unit (Magic)18390,6001Any201/hourL
Force Field, Orange18400,0002AnyL
Fortified Plates, Mk 519550,0001Heavy, Powered2
Ghostmarch Unit (Magic)19590,0001Light51/round1
Medical Interface, Mk 3 (Hybrid)19600,0001Any
Rel-State Contingency20800,0002Any2
Magic Resistor, Mk 4 (Magic)20800,0002Heavy, Powered2
Force Field, Prismatic201,000,0002AnyL