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Powered Armor

Unlike light and heavy armor, powered armor requires its own battery, and comes with a fully charged battery at purchase. Powered armor uses the same type of batteries as other items, including charged weapons, and the battery for a suit of powered armor can be recharged as normal using a generator or recharging station (see page 234), or it can be replaced with a new battery when spent (see Table 7–9: Ammunition for battery pricing).
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Kashcomm Scout

Source Tech Revolution pg. 54
Item Level 8; Price 12,600
EAC Bonus 13; KAC Bonus 14
Max Dex Bonus 5; Armor Check Penalty -2; Speed 40 ft.
Strength 16 (+3); Damage 1d6 S or P; Size Medium
Capacity 40; Usage 1/hour
Weapon Slots 1; Upgrade Slots 1; Bulk 19
Nicknamed the Bat for the scanning arrays affixed to the helmet, this Vercite armor increasingly sees use by bounty hunters specialized in tracking verthani marks. While active, the KashComm scout grants blindsense (sound) with a range of 120 feet. As a standard action, the wearer can devote the armor’s processing fully into its sensors, changing its blindsense to blindsight (sound) until the end of their next turn.