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Creature Companions

The solitude of space can prove tough to bear for even the most hardened soloist. It’s no wonder, then, that across the entire galaxy, members of countless species take up creature companions ranging from show pets to emotional support animals to combat-ready mounts. Whether such a pairing is born of cultural tradition, lucky happenstance, or even reluctant necessity, few bonds are stronger.
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Shotalashu Companions

Source Alien Archive 3 pg. 145
While shotalashus have served as the traditional mounts of Castrovel’s lashuntas for millennia, many other species forge deep connections with the creatures—especially those with telepathic abilities.

ShotalashuLevels 1-20

Large magical beast
Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision
Good Save Reflex; Bad Saves Fort, Will
Speed 60 ft.
Melee Attack claws (S)
Space 10 ft. Reach 5 ft.
Ability Modifiers Dex, Con

Special Abilities

Jungle Strider (Ex) Shotalashus are adept at traversing all forms of forest terrain. While in forest terrain, a shotalashu’s speed is not impeded by natural difficult terrain such as undergrowth.

Telepathic Companion (Su) If you have limited telepathy or telepathy, you can control your shotalashu companion in combat even if it can’t see or hear you, as long as it is within range of your telepathy.

Telepathic Link (Su) If you are a lashunta, you can spend 1 hour and attempt a Survival check (DC = 15 + 1-1/2 × the shotalashu’s level) to form a telepathic bond with your shotalashu companion. On a success, your link functions as telepathic bond with a permanent duration, and the shotalashu is considered a combat-trained mount when carrying or fighting alongside you. You can’t be linked to more than one shotalashu at a time, but you can break your link with one shotalashu in favor of another at any time. If either you or your linked shotalashu dies while bonded, the surviving creature suffers telepathic backlash, becoming dazed for 1 round and taking 3d6 damage. If you are not a lashunta but have limited telepathy or telepathy and speak Lashunta, you can also attempt to forge this telepathic bond, but you take a –5 penalty to the Survival checks to do so.