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Spy Drone

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 219
Level 6; Price 4,550
Capacity 20; Usage 1/minute
Hands —; Bulk L


A spy drone is a Tiny remote drone designed specifically to make observations at a distance. This acts as the flight drone of a 1st-level mechanic (and you control it as if you were a 1st-level mechanic, using its remote control or a computer with an added module to control the spy drone), except it cannot make any attacks and it has no weapon mounts, no feats, and no ability to add drone mods. Its skill unit is always Stealth. It cannot speak, but it does understand one language (chosen by you at the time of purchase) and allows you to attempt Perception checks using your own bonus when you directly control it (as the master control ability of a mechanic drone).

A drone can be upgraded with any one of the following technological items by paying 125% of the item’s price: flashlight, grappler, lantern, laser microphone, motion detector, scanner, or X-ray visor. The price of buying and installing one upgrade includes the price of replacing an old upgrade on a drone, if applicable.