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Signal Jammer

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 219
Level Varies; Price Level squared x 100
Capacity 12; Usage 1/10 minute
Hands —; Bulk L


This handheld device, originally designed by the Stewards for military uses, is used by corporations and criminals alike. Signal jammers are available at any item level from 1 to 20 and can be purchased for a price equal to 100 credits × the square of the item level of the jammer. When activated, a signal jammer interrupts broadcast signals within 4 miles. If attached to a larger broadcasting station (such as those found aboard a starship), the range increases to 12 miles. A signal jammer blocks all communication devices from sending and receiving broadcasts. Each signal jammer is designed to affect one specific broadcasting medium (such as radio or wireless). You can attempt a Computers or Engineering check to bypass a signal jammer’s effects or to determine the location of the jammer. The DC to bypass a signal jammer is 15 + the signal jammer’s level, and attempting this check takes 1 minute.