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Starfinder #40: Planetfall

Estimated Release Date: 7/7/2021
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Aliens [6]

Drikluz (Gremlin), Joltvine, Mole-Bettle, Necrosaturated Stag-Bear, Silicanid, Vaigruuk (Gremlin)

Creature Companions [1]


Feats [11]

Bolstering Bravado (Intimidate Focus), Efficient Administrator, Major Naturalism, Media Mogul (Profession Focus), Minor Naturalism, More Than Flesh (Life Science Focus), Naturalism, Registered Dietitian (Medicine Focus), Soothing Orator (Diplomacy Focus), The People’s Champion, Warpweaver (Perception Focus)

Rules [38]

Abandon Hex, Advanced Projects, Advanced Projects Table, Assuage Unrest, Basic Projects, Bolster Trait, Build Resource Node, Charter Creation Basics, Charter Creation Steps, Charter Development, Charter Downtime Activities, Charter Projects, Charter Trait Scores, Claim Hex, Establish New Settlement, Event Descriptions, Event Phase, Event Table, Events, Perform Administrative Duties, Projects Phase, Reading The Table, Running A Charter, Step 1: Charter Concept And Charter Sheet, Step 1: Check For An Event, Step 1: Choose Projects, Step 1: Resource Collection, Step 2: Charter Downtime Activities, Step 2: Event Resolution, Step 2: Select Patron Type, Step 3: Choose Initial Focus, Step 3: Pay Upkeep, Step 4: Adjust Unrest, Step 4: Finalize Trait Scores, Step 5: Establish First Settlement, Step 6: Record Charter Details, Upkeep Phase, Using The Map

Starship - Examples [1]

CompEnt Star Settler ([AP] Horizons of the Vast)

Systems [1]


Template Grafts [1]

Necrosaturated (Other)

Themes [1]