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Modules, Upgrades, and Countermeasures


Computers can have any number of modules installed. Modules can be partitioned off from other parts of a computer if placed behind firewall countermeasures, which increases their security. A computer can have multiple modules of the same type, but the bonuses they grant to a system generally do not stack with themselves. For example, a system could have three copies of the security I module (which each grant a +1 bonus to the DC), but they do not stack to increase the DC to break into the computer.

Note that modules are a combination of both hardware and software, and as such they typically cannot be physically removed without damaging the system or rendering it inoperable. With the right amount of skill and time, a module can be disabled or manipulated, but this typically cannot be done during combat. See the Computers skill on page 137 for more information.

Secure Data

This module contains secured data relative to a specific topic, and is almost never available without root access or an action by someone with root access to grant another user the ability to access the secure data module. Since a secure data module serves to store information too important or sensitive to let fall into the hands of your average hacker, it is frequently also kept behind a firewall.

Secure data might consist of a few simple documents or a vast library of technical specifications. The only requirement is that the data be limited to one general topic (such as a ship’s design, correspondence among members of a group, local maps and charts, etc.); additional topics require additional data modules. The price of the module depends on the topic’s size. A data module suitable for a specific small topic (such as a video log, a financial ledger, or a building schematic) costs 1 credit. A data module for an average topic (such as engineering specifications for a gun, a company’s employee database, or a large array of maps) costs 10 credits. Modules for large topics (such as the plans for a starship, a space station’s operations log, or a company’s master records) cost at least 100 credits and might cost as much as 1,000 credits. In addition to storing data that might be valuable on its own (such as plans for a military invasion), a data module allows a character with access to it to take 20 when attempting a skill check to recall knowledge on a topic related to the data module’s contents.

Secure Data, Large

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 215
Price Varies; Type Module

Secure Data, Average

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 215
Price 10 credits; Type Module

Secure Data, Specific

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 215
Price 1 credit; Type Module