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The Choir Stone

Source Starfinder #41: Serpents in the Cradle pg. 50
Bulk L
The Choir Stone is a unique solarian weapon crystal: a small, unobtrusive lump of rock that resembles a faceted sphere of smoky quartz. In truth, the Choir Stone is one of the deadliest weapons a solarian can use and an insidious trap for inexperienced practitioners.
The Choir Stone was first used thousands of years ago by the Kasathan warrior-sage Mirseli Vozhariska Kiari of House Polsian on Kasath. Many legends have arisen about Mirseli’s life that today manifest in scholarly analyses, pop-history biographies, and a moderately successful holo series. Mirseli was an advisor to doyens and generals, a duelist who defeated a thousand foes, and a teacher who founded the Cosmonastery of the Silent Chorus on Kasath.
When she died, Mirseli’s chosen student took the crystal as a sign of their master’s favor, taking over Mirseli’s cosmonastery and preaching the Cycle their entire life before eventually bequeathing the crystal to a disciple. The crystal passed from hand to hand for centuries while the Cosmonastery of the Silent Chorus developed a reputation for both wisdom and ruthless politics. Following the assassination of its twelfth master, the cosmonastery lost the Choir Stone, fell under siege, and disbanded entirely shortly thereafter.
The reason for the cosmonastery’s collapse was tied to the Choir Stone itself, for the crystal was no mere symbol of office. Mirseli refused to let go of her life and watched over her student as a ghost haunting the smoky crystal. When her student died, they joined their teacher in the stone, so the abbots who led the cosmonastery had a cadre of skilled advisors, powerful even in death. When they lost the crystal, the survivors were unable to fend off the cosmonastery’s many enemies.
Each new owner of the Choir Stone realized that they had acquired not just a weapon, but a chorus of ghostly mentors. Mirseli (N female ghost kasatha solarian) is the dominant personality within the crystal, quick to offer ruthlessly pragmatic advice on any situation, backed up by her supernatural powers. But Mirseli’s views and values come from an earlier, bloodier era of Kasathan history, and she has the ego of one enshrined in legend. Properly motivated, she’s a ferocious ally; balked, she is an insidious enemy. The other ghosts in the Choir Stone aren’t quite as forceful, but they have their own skills, specialties, and obsessions. A successful wielder must learn to deal with them all.
Should the Choir Stone’s wielder die while using the stone, the ghostly vortex inside the crystal draws them in, turning them into one more ghost in the choir unless the dying character succeeds at a DC 35 Will save.
The Choir Stone follows all the rules for a solarian weapon crystal; it increases damage by +10d4 sonic and has the demoralize critical hit effect (Armory 31) and the variant boost (10d4) weapon special property, with a usage of 5/day (Armory 30). If used in a solar manifestation, faint wisps of chill mist surround the Choir Stone’s wielder and their weapon. On a critical hit, or when using the stone’s variant boost property, the mists take on the faces of the ghosts within: screaming, cursing, or howling in fury and triumph.
If Mirseli’s ghost is ever laid to rest, the Choir Stone releases all of the spirits trapped within it and shatters forever. However, Mirseli will pass on only if she acknowledges the wielder of the stone as a worthy successor.